Raunchy Bastards: Cruz Carver and Shane Daniels: He’s Getting The Hang Of It

Shane Daniels gets a taste of Cruz Carver’s beautiful young arsehole in this fuck scene over at Raunchy Bastards. While Cruz (who says he’s only in it for the money) is obviously craving Shane’s cock, Shane has some nerves to deal with. Cruz definitely tries to help him out, and the scene unfolds with Shane getting less nervous, and Cruz becoming more and more happy while getting some straight boy dick.

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Raunchy Bastards: Landon Matthews: Straight Teen Drains Daddy’s Cock

This meeting with Landon Matthews was one of the first times he was at the Raunchy Bastards studio, and although the cameraman hadn’t quite convinced him to get fucked yet, it was one of the hottest times he’d ever had with him. Even though they’d met a few times, when he showed up, he was still nervous as hell. After being led into the bedroom, though, our cameraman gave his shoulders a little rub-down as he proceeded to remove his shirt. One thing that he was quite surprised about was that Landon immediately got into the kissing. The other thing that he noticed was that Landon had one of his hands down in his underwear trying to make his dick hard before he pulled his underwear off. This is definitely something you see with straight or “straight” guys quite a bit – a little bit ashamed if their cocks aren’t 10 inches long for other people to see it soft, even if it’s a private encounter. Anyway, after kissing for a moment, his cock was at full attention, and it was soon out of his pants and things just got better and better from there on in …

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Raunchy Bastards: Skyler Wright: Ravenous For Cock

The Raunchy Bastards cameraman first met Skyler some time ago. Skyler and his girlfriend, he said, were both sexually adventurous swingers, and he needed some moolah. Seems he would rather pimp himself out rather than do it to his girl, so he showed up for a little audition and some photos. During the photo-shoot, he was quite polite. He didn’t seem as rough around the edges as the other types. He was, however, nervous. The cameraman let him use his phone so that he could get a nice hard on going, but he didn’t get too hard until the cameraman grabbed his dick and began to play with it. That was when things really started to get interesting … he suddenly became ravenous for cock … check it out below!

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Raunchy Bastards: Peter Quillen and Rick Hazard: Cum For Daddy

This fuck scene from Raunchy Bastards is great on two fronts. One, the film crew hadn’t seen Rick Hazard in years. They thought that they would never see him again, and they thought perhaps after his experiences a few years ago, he simply didn’t want to come back for a visit because he didn’t want to have gay sex anymore. You see, the first time they met Rick, he was still in high school and had just turned 18. The old geezer cameraman was so excited to have some fresh teen arse in the place that Rick got fucked quite a bit in just a few days’ time. His poor hole was blown out for sure. He used the moolah he earned to buy a surfboard and a new tattoo, and then they put him on a plane and never heard from him again … until a month or so ago. It turns out that he is shacked up with a girl, and he has a kid now. He had lost their number, and changed his number, so it took him quite a while to figure out how to get back in touch. Well, naturally, they were eager to see how he had grown over the past few years. Turns out, his cock is harder than ever! Maybe all that pussy got him craving some man hole. Who knows? Anyway, Peter, he on-screen partner today, on the other hand, until recently, had never been fucked before and today Clay wanted to get his hole so fucked that it gaped. In this scene, Rick and Clay took turns fucking Peter’s swollen hole, and Clay got to eat that tender arse out too. But the highlight was surely that Peter was rock hard while he was getting plowed, and with a little help, he was able to cum! And two, that gaping hole was the ultimate prize!

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