SpunkWorthy: Jordan: His 1st Gay Blow Job

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Jordan is totally straight, but he did mention to the SpunkWorthy cameraman that he’d recently discovered that he liked having his arsehole played with. After getting his cock primed by mouth, and with his legs pushed back … it wasn’t long before his furry hole was accessible to a tongue and a finger or two … Jordan moaned audibly as the finger entered and he even pulled his legs up further so they could get in deeper!

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SpunkWorthy: Dylan’s BJ

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Dylan got in touch with the guy from SpunkWorthy, asking if he could do another blow job video … apparently he’s never had his ass licked … so while sucking his uncut cock, the guy from SpunkWorthy lifted his leg and stick his tongue in Dylan’s ass. Dylan just lies back on the couch and closes his eyes, getting lost in the moment. He must be right on the edge because it’s only a minute later before he lets out a final gasp and a creamy load is oozing out of his cock …

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SpunkWorthy: Cody Gets A Gay Blow Job

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Cody is back at SpunkWorthy for his second ever gay blow job! Tho he showed up still a little edgy about things, the rock hard cock in his pants gave him away … he was 100% charged up and ready for action! Things progressed nicely but when Cody’s legs were spread apart to give his tight hole a lick … that sent a shiver through his body, and the look on his face when he got rimmed made it pretty clear that this was a new experience for him. And one he liked!

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SpunkWorthy: Dean’s Toy

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Dean’s fans already know that he likes fingering his tight hole while jerking himself off. But this time, Dean wanted to give his fans an even bigger treat by taking his first dildo. Dean showed up to the SpunkWorthy studios primed and ready for the challenge. He revealed his ripped body as he slid his shirt off, announcing that it had been five days since he nutted. Dean started off by sucking on the dildo as he got himself hard, holding it in his mouth as he stripped his jeans off and gave the camera a peek at the sweet hole that was about to be pushed to its limits. Once he had worked himself up, Dean lubed up the large toy, threw one leg in the air and pressed it against his virgin hole, breathing deeply as he worked the toy deeper and deeper into his hairy arse … hot!

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