SpunkWorthy: Blowing Christopher

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Christopher called SpunkWorthy not too long after his first shoot, asking about “more work” which is code for, “Let’s do a blowjob video.” Initially he wasn’t sure his wife was going to let him go that far (even in the line of duty), but apparently in the end she was cool with it … and Christopher was obviously excited about it, as he was tenting in his pants when he walked through the door!

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SpunkWorthy: Bo’s Helping Hand

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Bo was really on the fence when the SpunkWorthy producer asked him about getting a hand-job from another guy. There was the mental leap he had to overcome of getting off with the help of another guy. But also the question of whether his wife would give the “okay” on it. In the end, tho, the thought of the money won out, and once the initial weirdness wore off, Bo was clearly enjoying the attention his dick was getting. When he flipped over to get his furry ass played with, it seemed to push a button. Bo’s breathing got deeper and you can almost see his cock swelling that little bit extra …

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SpunkWorthy: Riley’s Helping Hand

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Riley’s done all sorts of stuff stripping for the ladies. He was nervous, though, way nervous for his first time with a guy in this SpunkWorthy video … but with a wad of cash in front of him, he decided to venture into uncharted territories. Maybe it was the porn playing in the background, but it looks like Riley was kind of enjoying having a guy’s hand on his cock. His dick was hard right out of the gate. As time passed, he was paying less and less attention to what was playing on the TV and more and more to how his shaft was getting stroked. Riley was pretty quiet for most of the shoot. But as they say, “Hard dicks don’t lie.” When he was bent over to get his ass played with, his cock swelling up even more.

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SpunkWorthy: Jeff

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Jeff returns to SpunkWorthy, but still isn’t quite ready to make the leap into getting a handjob or blowjob on camera just yet. But said he might be up for something a little “experimental” as he put it. So, while he was jacking off, his balls were looking pretty tempting so the guy from SpunkWorthy reached out to give them a tug. A minute later, Jeff’s cock started leaking pre-cum … so he reached up again and rubbed it onto the head of his dick. To everyone’s surprise, Jeff let out a quiet gasp: “Oh, yeah.”

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