SpunkWorthy: Brady’s Helping Hand

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It didn’t take much convincing to bring Brady back to SpunkWorthy for some more hands-on attention. He seemed pretty excited about it, actually. Brady’s cock was growing by the second as the SpunkWorthy guy started rubbing it through his shorts. By the time his clothes came off he was already rock hard. As his cock was lubed up, Brady let out a few deep breaths and started thrusting his hips, fucking those hands while his head rolled back. Things were definitely getting heated up.

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SpunkWorthy: Mike Nelson’s Helping Hand

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Mike is back and the Spunkworthy guy just couldn’t wait to get his hands around that thick cock of his.. Apparently, neither could he. There was a bulge in his gym shorts when he first showed up; by the time the cameras were rolling the bulge had grown to full, raging hard-on. Mike’s facial expressions are priceless. He rolls his head back as his dick shaft is lubed up and the stroking starts … occasionally looking down in amazement at his cock being worked over. A lubed up a finger then slides into his furry hole which sends shivers through Mike’s body … then Mike turns over, allowing full access to his virgin ass.

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SpunkWorthy: Tory: His First Gay Massage

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Tory was so excited after doing his first porn shoot with SpunkWorthy that he was hounding the producers soon afterwards … “What else can I do?” So, when they offered him a gay massage video (which would include some dildo action that Tory was not initially told about), he quickly replied … “Hell, yeah.” When he lay down on the massage table the masseuse went through the normal motions, but was naturally always aiming his hands and fingers toward his arsehole. Tory didn’t even flinch when his legs were spread apart and a finger slid into his hole. A butt plug was soon replacing the finger, and this only seemed to make his dick get harder, so they moved onto the big gun … a thick 8-inch dildo. Tory moaned with pure ecstasy as it plunged in and out of his hole!

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SpunkWorthy: Glen Gets A Surprise Hand Job

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Glen is 28yo, 6ft 3in tall, with size 14 shoes. He was a wrestler and football player before signing up with the military for a stint. He’s in between jobs and is doing porn to make some quick cash. He’s also quite straight, but willing to do a solo jerk off video on the SpunkWorthy site. He showed up with a 5 day load stored up, so he was raring to get started. He seemed to get off on the cameras pointed at him until it came time to show off his arse. Bent over the chair, legs spread, arsehole visible to the world … Glen’s cock started to lose its lustre, and naturally the cameraman saw his opportunity and reached in to give him a little tug and see if he could bring it back to life. After the initial surprise and some minor hesitation, Glen agreed to let the cameraman finish him off … for some extra bucks!

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