SpunkWorthy: Cy: His First Gay Massage

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The SpunkWorthy team were excited to get Cy on the massage table and film as his bod received it’s first thorough rub-down from another guy. Apparently, Cy was, too. He saved up a 2-day load just for it! Cy had gotten a massage before from a girlfriend of his, which, he said, just turned into sex. And one other time, from a guy, but, “just a regular one. Nothing sexual happened.” When asked how he was feeling about getting his first happy-ending massage from another guy today, Cy smiled broadly, saying he was “pumped up.” Check it out …

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SpunkWorthy: Cy: His First Gay Blow Job

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When the SpunkWorthy cameraman asked Cy if he was down for a blow job … he was a little hesitant. Not because he was afraid of doing anything with a guy, but he admitted that it’s really hard for him to get off from bj’s. Naturally our resident cock-sucker took that as a challenge! Cy was ready to go by the time his shorts were peeled off of him, with a cock that was growing steadily as the sucking started. But it was when Cy’s legs were pushed up and a tongue went between his arse cheeks rimming him, followed by a finger entering his hairy hole, now that’s when the moaning really started! It was obviously the magic button had been pushed … because his cock started throbbing the more as his arsehole was being finger fucked!

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SpunkWorthy: Hugh: His First Gay Blow Job

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SpunkWorthy reckon it’s great having guys like Hugh around. He is always horny and ready to blow a load. Even if he’s already jerked off 2-3 times that morning, you can count on him wanting to go for round four in the afternoon! Hugh had said he loves getting a good blowjob, but, of course, he hasn’t found many girls who can do the job well. After peeling his jeans off, it took just a couple turns of deep-throating his cock before it was standing rock hard, with Hugh moaning in appreciation as the mouth worked his shaft. The tongue made its way down his balls which made Hugh’s moaning get even louder, so it moved further down, eventually pushing his legs back to expose his pink hole. Hugh’s head rolled back, mouth wide open in ecstasy, as that naughty, talented tongue went back and forth between rimming him and tickling his balls. But for the cum shot, Hugh positioned himself back on the chair and let a lubed finger slide up his arsehole while his cock was being sucked. The build-up was super intense and then suddenly a fountain of cum erupted, and it flew all over the place!

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SpunkWorthy: Parker’s Helping Hand

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After his recent solo shoot at SpunkWorthy, the site producer had asked Parker about getting a hand job and he said he needed a little time to think about it. Apparently, not too long, though, because he called up a few days later saying that he was horny and ready to do it … and here he is! Apparently he normally jacks off several times a day, but purposefully came to this shoot having 2 days worth of cum stored up … so you can imagine he was definitely ready to pop. His dick was already hard by the time the cameras were rolling … he seemingly enjoyed the attention his cock, balls and arsehole got from another man …

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