SpunkWorthy: Aden

Aden called SpunkWorthy to let them know that he was going to be back in San Diego soon and asked about doing another shoot. They quickly agreed, but told him he had to be prepared for his first gay blow job. When he showed up, Aden was quieter than last time, but it was obvious that he was already naked under his gym shorts … and he was already getting hard, so it was clear that he was nervously excited about getting naked on camera again!

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Gay Hoopla: Jarod Spear and Ken Ott

This video from Gay Hoopla was filmed back in 2013 when both Jarod Spear and Ken Ott were newbie straight guys who’d never experienced sex with another dude before. They’d both agreed to come over and allow the film crew to walk them through their first gay scene. Things started off pretty lightly with just a quick kiss … but quickly progressed to Ken getting his virgin arsehole royally fucked … and he ENJOYED IT !!!

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