Bait Buddies: Kip Johnson and Andrew Collins

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Blond 6ft 3in straight muscle hunk, Kip Johnson, the titty bar bouncer, is back with Bait Buddies. Kip is a pretty open minded guy. Last time he did a scene he spoke of how he would let girls play with his hole and that he even liked the feel of a finger or two “down there”. So the cameraman asked him if he would bottom this time and without any fuss whatsoever Kip agreed! Kip had even brought his mate Andrew Collins along to do the dirty deed! Andrew is bi and cute and has a tight, muscled body, but slightly on the small side, dick-wise, compared to Kip … which he apparently already knew … Kip wanted to start off with something on the smaller side for his first time!

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Bait Buddies: Isaac Hard and Doug Acre

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“Growing up, I always thought my dick was OK” said Isaac, the new 21 year old, 6ft tall straight boy at Bait Buddies today. Just “OK”! … at 9.5 inches and thick as well! Well, it wasn’t long before he had to strip down for a high school wrestling match weigh in, and when he heard the gasps and comments from the competitors, he knew he had something special. And, he soon found out his big schlong was a pretty good pussy magnet for those girls who were up for the challenge. But, like with all good things there’s usually a downside … like the girls who ran for the hills when he unzipped and slipped his big hard monster from its hiding place inside his jeans! Well, Isaac is here today to break into porn and ends up getting more than he ever bargained for … amazingly, he has gay sex with the super-hot bait lad, Doug Acre, and totally enjoys it!

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Bait Buddies: Hunter and Remi Mint

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When girls get a glimpse of this week’s straight boy’s thick 9 inch cock, they gasp out ”oh my gosh!”… and so do the Bait Buddies camera crew! At 6ft 5in tall, this lean bodied pro tennis player from Virginia, Hunter, is a big boy no matter how you look at it. When the cameraman asks what qualifies him to be a porn ‘star’, he promptly and without much thought replies ”I have a big dick” – and nobody can challenge that fact! Even at 5ft 11in first time Bait boy Remi looks like a ‘mini-me’ next to Hunter. Remi is a cute gay boy from Philly who submitted a model application through the website and was lucky and cute enough to be selected for a shoot on the set with a straight guy … and this is it … enjoy!

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Bait Buddies: Ryan Tyler and Sterling Chambers

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If you remember on his last visit, Sterling, still in college, comes in with his straight, best college/surf buddy Jack, to break into porn. They were all excited about getting paid to fuck pussy! But, as you know Bait Buddies is a ”Pussy Free Zone”, and so when ‘the girl didn’t show’, the only option the cameraman had for them to earn a pay check was to have sex with each other. Sterling was the dominant of the two, so after some half assed swapped blowjobs, he appointed his buddy Jack as the bottom. After it’s all over, he realized that he loved the experience and decided to see for himself what it’s like when his butt is on the other end of a cock. So, he’s back for another scene and this time he’s paired with another straight guy, Ryan Tyler, and Sterling gets his wish and gets his straight butt fucked by Ryan in the end!

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