Zack Randall: Zack Randall and Billy Club: Fucking Straight Boy Arse

Billy really has come a long way since he first sucked some dick. He’s enjoying a mutual gobble with the gorgeous Zack Randall in the bedroom for this video, but his arse is no longer off-limits! He takes it well, on his back and being humped to the limit, all the way to some shared jacking and cum shooting that sees him being splashed by Zack’s famous squirting load!

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Zack Randall: Ty Evans and Alfonso: That Big Straight Dude Dick!

Alfonso is a very lucky guy, or maybe Ty is the lucky one? That big straight dude dick is getting a lot of attention as cute Alfonso gets sucking on it, pretty soon Ty is convinced to try some arse! He eases that big cock into his new friend and shows the Zack Randall crew how he likes to fuck – hard and deep. That tight chute has the straight hung jock squirting off a big load over Alfonso, who follows it up with his own juicy goo and a taste of the mess!

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Zack Randall: Billy Club and Dick Cummings: Cock Loving Dudes Try Arse

Zack Randall model and straight hottie Billy Club can’t resist the offer of some arse … or some cock in his mouth. His naked buddy Dick Cummings arrives to show him a good time and the mere suggestion has Billy getting his meat out for some shared jerking. Sucking follows, something Billy is still getting used to, and obviously loves. The fucking is what he’s really after though, sinking his jock dick into his buddy and filling him up, riding him until he’s ready to deliver that squirting load all over Dick’s face!

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