ChaosMen: Johannes: Glory Hole

Category : Blow Job, ChaosMen, Glory Hole

Johannes is a German guy, living in the U.S., who emailed ChaosMen saying he wanted to come play with some of their models. They decided to put him and his big veiny uncut cock into a Glory Hole situation with Ransom and see what happened. Johannes has that “dirty boy” mentality, so trading oral with Ransom in restroom really turned him on. The two blow each other through the hole … they swap back and forth, and you can tell that Johannes is most turned on with Ransom’s dick in his mouth … hot!

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ChaosMen: Jake and Taylor: Glory Hole

Category : Blow Job, ChaosMen, Fucking, Glory Hole

In this Glory Hole scene from ChaosMen, Taylor was in the mood to Use and Abuse and Jake was quite happy to be dominated. Jake expertly sucks Taylor’s cock and then turns around so that Taylor can lube his ass before fucking him through the hole. In the spirit of Used and Abused, Taylor breeds him, leaving Jake with cum dripping out his ass.

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ChaosMen: Franklin: Glory Hole

Category : Blow Job, ChaosMen, Glory Hole

The glory hole at ChaosMen is definitely helping out with some of the more nervous straight guys, several of who are even intimidated by just laying in one spot and having their cock sucked … the idea being they can’t even see the guy. Despite this, Franklin is still a bit nervous and wobbly to start with, but Ransom just keeps sucking and trying his tricks to keep him going. Luckily, Franklin can’t really see what is happening on the other side of the partition, as it would probably have freaked him out a little!

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ChaosMen: Eli and Vander: Glory Hole

Category : Blow Job, ChaosMen, Fucking, Glory Hole

Vander had of course seen Eli on the ChaosMen site, but Eli never looks at, nor remembers, the other models. So it was fun watching him explore Vander’s big cock at the urinal for the first time. He truly was surprised! Vander unloads his bladder, then Eli heads for the stall. Vander signals him to go ahead and stick his dick through. They then trade oral back and forth, until Vander spins Eli around and gets Eli’s cock up his ass. Then they switch places and Eli just barely manages to fit Vander’s cock in his hole. It’s hot watching as he grinds around on it … enjoy!

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