Straight Fraternity: Axle Hazed – Blindfolded Bait and Switch

Axle thinks he’s at Straight Fraternity to get a blowjob from a girl, but once he’s blindfolded, it’s Zander who gives him the head he wants so badly. Franco ties up Axle and blindfolds him before bringing Zander into the room. Zander knows in advance what is required of him, and they both grope Axle before Zander starts the BJ. He sucks Axle’s big dick and plays with his greasy nuts. Axle’s jaw shivers as Zander edges his cock, but then he realizes it’s a guy blowing him and starts losing his boner. Franco lets him remove the blindfold and beat off to some porn, but he’s going to have to finish off Zander if he wants that payday!

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English Lads: Harry Wills and Troy Connolly

Harry Wills continues to push his boundaries over at English Lads with his new, very cheeky, straight friend, Troy! Harry has put on some serious muscle since his last appearance and is looking extremely muscular… with some more tattoos too! Harry strips Troy naked and teases Troy’s uncut cock and gets him hard by testing out his sucking skills! This is a first for Harry and he does it nice and gently. Whilst pleasuring Troy, harry whips his kit off and wanks his uncut cock to a big semi! Troy then takes the lead and returns the favour, wanking and sucking Harry! The hot duo takes it in turns to wank and suck the other one’s hard cock before Harry brings himself to climax and squirts cum over his solid abs.

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