English Lads: Justin and Bradley Foster

Bradley and Justin arrived at the beach, it was warm enough so they didn’t need to wear much and arriving in the sand-dunes the English Lads cameras captured Justin as he started feeling up Bradley through his shorts … they are those touchy-feely type of shorts, the small one’s, made from that shiny, yet starchy material, that seem to hold and exaggerate shapes, so you have to feel them just to check out the bulge’s authenticity! Bradley is pretty happy to be felt up and before he realises his body is being massaged and he has lost his shorts and there is a need to run sun cream in everywhere! After Justin gives Bradley a few teasy rubs, he is soon sucking on Bradley’s growing uncut cock! He isn’t sure about his cock getting sucked as he only came for a massage, but he didn’t object and ended up quite enjoying Justin’s talented head, mouth, tongue and lips …

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Hard Brit Lads: Daniel Johnson and Tom Scott

Rugged gay for pay straight footballer, Daniel Johnson, totally dominates hung and hairy fit skinhead sub, Tom Scott, in this hard, powerful scene from Hard Brit Lads … and it includes some non stop verbal action from Daniel. Check it out!

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English Lads: Jude Massaged and Wanked

Jude is one of these straight lads who come across all shy and the more we do with him the more outgoing he becomes and the more easily he gets aroused! There is something hot about having a straight guy on the edge of his comfort zone. Today at English Lads he gets a deep muscle massage and the minute some oil gets spilt on his cock, up it goes, maybe in anticipation of him being such a bad lad by letting a guy wank him for the first time! Anyway he does a great job at lying back and let someone else take hold of his very hard uncut cock.

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Debt Dandy: The Straight Room-mate Gets Fucked Too

Last week the Debt Dandy fucked a hot young blond guy in need of some fast cash to pay his debts, and the whole time it was happening his str8 room-mate was in another room. When he came in afterwards, he asked what was happening, and when he found out he said he was in severe debt too and would do whatever it took to also get some fast cash … see what happens below … the poor guy ends up doing more than he bargained for!

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