Top To Bottom: Woody Fox and Paul Walker

Woody Fox is the latest top only major porn star to get fucked on film for the first time! In front of the Top To Bottom cameras, the sexy Paul Walker takes it slow with deep, sensual thrusts … deep into Woody’s virgin hole.

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Czech Hunter: Cute and Scared Lad Willing To Go Gay For Pay

Changeable weather, the end of Autumn, and the start of Winter, it can be a hard time to find the right guy for the Czech Hunter cameraman, but he gathered some energy, switched on his Cam and went out on the hunt. He finally found a very nice part of Prague, just down from the Petrin tower, and there he saw a cute and scared young lad, just the way he likes them! Despite all that, he didn’t have any problems talking to a stranger. He lived with his mother and works in a bistro for a low salary, so it didn’t take much to persuade this young fellow to accept our cameraman’s dirty offer!

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Czech Hunter: On The Train

It was a lazy Wednesday afternoon and the Czech Hunter was on his way to Decin, a small city close to the German border. He decided to take the Eurocity train. It was quite empty that day and he found one cabin with a cute boy inside. He was happy for some company. They started to talk about porn and, although it was obvious the lad was straight, he was nevertheless quite open to the idea of performing … so it wasn’t long before he was jerking off his uncut dick in front of the camera for as little as 1000 crowns. A few thousand crowns later and the lad was on his knees sucking off the cameraman’s hard cock. Then they even fucked bareback and the lad ended up with a sperm covered his nose … like a trophy!

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Gay Hoopla: Max Summerfield and Jeff Niels and Ken Ott: Edge Of Desire: Part 3

Max Summerfield always had a thing for being the bad ass of the Gay Hoopla house. No one ever fucked with him or gave him shit. How could it be anymore ironic that he himself would dream of being scared and not so macho? In this fantasy, Max finds himself running from something that he’s at first unsure of. He finds himself locked in a closet alone in the pitch black. After the door creaks open, Max finds Ken Ott and Jeff Niels on their knees, cuffed around Max’s leg. They start kiss and blowing him until Max erupts. Max then finds himself in a completely different setting looking in the mirror as he’s washing his face. He hears a voice, but can’t seem to figure out whom it is, until Ken shows himself. He asked Ken, “Why do you keep reappearing in my dreams? I’ll destroy you.” Max, having to prove he’s el hefe, annihilates Ken’s butt hole. After some intense fucking, Max slaps the shit out of Ken and cums all over him! Intense!

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