Gay Hoopla: Cole Money and Tyler Hanson

Cole Money and Tyler Hanson were filmed having practice sex the night before their official Gay Hoopla shoot. Tyler basically wanted to prep himself, to make sure he could fit Cole’s donkey-sized dick in his arsehole and make sure the next day’s shoot would go smoothly … check out the fun times and the pre-intercourse!

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English Lads: Tyler Hirst and Jon Angus

Jon has been paired with Tyler at English Lads today. The straight former Royal Marine Commando Tyler today proves sometimes you just can’t follow orders! It was quite a challenge; it all started off with Jon blowing Tyler, who proved he knew how to properly deep throat. But when it came to Tyler’s turn, and that when he discovered Jon’s cock was just too big! Jon is a massive lad, his cock is just over 8 inches, but its thickness causes a real issue and straight lad Tyler discovers he can’t quite follow orders and tho he tries, he can’t deep throat young Jon’s massively thick uncut cock! Though, after failing on that challenge, Tyler is soon back on safe ground as he shows Jon how a Royal Marine fucks! Hard and fast is Tyler’s technique and he makes it look so easy as he pumps Jon real long and hard. After all this fucking Site Members get to see Jon is soon gushing a load of goo, soon followed by Tyler, who dumps he just a few seconds later.

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Broke Straight Boys: Devon Felix and Tyler Griffin: Raw

Tyler Griffin is new to Broke Straight Boys, but not new to gay porn, so the film crew didn’t really need to worry about easing him into things too much … he’s no novice at taking a dick. Today they have him paired with the sexy Devon Felix, and before they even get started, experienced or not, Tyler is still a straight lad and he’s nervous about Devon’s size … cock-size that is! They make out and get undressed, touching themselves and each other until they’re both hard and horny, and that’s when Devon pushes Tyler onto the bed, spreads his arse apart and sticks his dick inside of that tight hole! Tyler takes that big dick pretty well, and they fuck in some very hot positions as Tyler rides Devon’s bareback prick!

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English Lads: Rich Wills and Chris Little and Dan Broughton

Straight lads Chris Little and Rich Wills are up for some fun today in this English Lads photo shoot … they have one naughty gay guy Dan to play with and within a few minutes of starting this shoot you don’t really know who is playing with who and who is pushing the sexual boundaries the most! Chris is busy kissing and sucking cock, Rich isn’t sure what to do so he grabs a cock and wanks it … and before you know it he is sticking his cock up Dan’s ass. Dan, now hardly able to breathe, must get used to Rich’s long and thick meat quickly … before long tho, Rich passes the baton to Chris and soon it is him fucking Dan fast and hard.

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