Debt Dandy: The Tall Straight Lad In Real Debt

This tall, straight lad is in real bad debt. So bad, that he called the Debit Dandy, who turned up at his apartment, and conducted an interview to see how much money he needed to borrow. The poor guy was desperate for the cash, and willing to do whatever it takes to get it into his own pocket. After getting him to strip naked, the cameraman bullied him around a bit, got his to serve him a glass of water, then he covered his cock with whipped cream and made the poor lad lick it off … then he fucked the straight lad’s arsehole with a dildo and also his cock … poor guy is no longer a virgin!

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Str8 Chaser: Scott

The Str8 Chaser caught Scott playing games on his mobile phone in the local park and his nerdy/muscle dude look instantly turned him on. They chatted for a while and our cameraman discovered that Scott was a bit of an exhibitionist, so it wasn’t too hard to get him to take his shirt off and touch his statuesque body in public. When Scott was offered some money to jerk our cameraman’s hard dick off, he agreed and seeing how eager he was to make some fast cash it wasn’t long before he was bending over and getting his perfectly muscled and hairy arse fucked … for the right price, of course!

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Czech Hunter: Fucking The Cute Football Player

The Czech Hunter cameraman was feeling a bit lazy, but still horny today, so he decided not to go too far from home in his quest for straight twink arse! He went to the local bus stop and wasn’t there long before he spotted today’s little prince. A friendly smile, masculine body, the perfect fit! He was a football player, always smiling, tonnes of charisma, and didn’t take much cash to get him to show off his dick. And it was a nice smooth dick with a huge glans. Luckily he was also very open minded and once our cameraman got him over to his basement, it wasn’t long before he talked him into agreeing to be fucked.

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FraternityX: Freshman Hole

While most of the FraternityX guys were partying at the Frat House, getting wasted and watching football, a couple were out on campus looking for some fresh meat. They found a guy named Brad and liquored him up and served his virgin straight lad hole up to anyone and everyone at the party who wanted some freshman arsehole action … all bareback too!

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