English Lads: Will Carlton and Dan Broughton

Straight and hairy young man Will Carlton is back at English Lads for some more action and today he is very laid back and actually allows gay guy Dan Broughton to strip him down and cop a feel. Judging by how hard his uncut cock gets, he is enjoying it and is very happy to see how his first man blow job feels!

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Bait Buddies: Broc Ross and Grayson Tyler

This week at Bait Buddies they have two smooth, young dudes. Broc is straight and a good ol’ country boy whose daddy told him to date within his race. Broc is just 19 years old, 6ft 5in tall with a slender toned body and a thick 7 inch cock. Broc is paired up with bait lad Grayson, a twinkish guy from upstate N.Y, a year older at 20, really cute with dirty blond hair and who also has a 7 inch cock. As the scene gets underway Broc’s reaction when he finds out that the girl didn’t show is priceless … but before long the idea of “double your money” convinces him to try some man-on-man sex … check it out below!

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Straight Fraternity: Jason and Diesel: Cum On Him

Jason and Diesel have been friends for a couple of months, but today at Straight Fraternity they get a lot closer! The cameraman instructs them to stroke and suck each other’s cocks. Then he gets them to cum over each other … but only after shooting his own huge hot cum load all over Diesel’s face!

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English Lads: Josh Hathaway and Dan Broughton: His First Manhandling

Although Josh enjoyed his recent solo shoot with English Lads, he wasn’t sure straight men (like him) should allow their cocks to be touched and fondled by a gay man … but luckily he has recently changed that view and agreed to let Dan massage his body today. And members will see that after such a great massage, and arsehole viewing, he actually lets Dan wank his big uncut weapon … which, despite his initial concerns, was rock hard and ready to shoot!

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