The Casting Room: Miles

The new guy over at The Casting Room this week is a 22 year old straight guy named Miles who is one randy fucker. He’s quite literally up for anything. At the slightest provocation his uncut dick springs up hard and ready for action. Although he prefers fucking, he’s got a big luscious arse which is too tempting not to screw. It’s all very well for Miles to say he can do the action, but the crew need to test if he can actually man up for the occasion by trying him out in this second audition of his. He gets on his knees for a lesson in how to suck cock for the camera. Miles has a charming nervous smile as he’s walked through all the action including rubbing his beard against a man’s erection. It’s hot watching Miles get into it proving he can be both a dominant fucker ordering a man to rim his arse and a filthy slut rubbing his arsehole and begging to be fucked. With Miles’ dirty mind and willing attitude this boy has the potential to be a big star.

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Active Duty: Alex and Kyle

This scene from Active Duty features veteran model Alex and the smooth newbie Kyle. Both guys jerk themselves for a bit, the Alex sucks Kyle, then a little mutual stroking in a 69, and mutual hand jobs that lead to a geyser of a finish!

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The Casting Room: Will

Will is desperate to get his hands on some fast cash, so even though he’s as straight as they come he’s willing to bend over for the next stage of his education over at The Casting Room. He won’t be cast in any video until the crew there are 100% sure he won’t freeze up and that he can actually get off with another man. But there was nothing to worry about as the young Will takes to the action like a duck to water. He gets it on with Dave snogging and jerking each other’s uncut cocks, and surprise, surprise, Will begins working up a stiffy of his own! He enthusiastically works at sucking Dave’s cock, but his inexperience shows in his technique. He finds it difficult to deep throat without gagging. With the proper training Will is going to make an excellent bottom boy! The rimming was a challenge for Will tho … he wasn’t really expecting he’d have to tongue another man’s tight arse hole today! But like a diligent builder who sees a dirty job that has to be done, he just gets in there and goes for it. Will’s arsehole is then moistened up and loosened so Dave can plunge his hard cock deep into him. Will braces himself and takes a cock up his hole for the first time. He bucks and moans really feeling it. Whatever you do, don’t miss seeing this hot hetero’s virginity being taken from him. By the end, Will is a sweaty hot mess with a face covered in cum!

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Active Duty: Jake and Sawyer

Tall, slim, hung, handsome and muscular stud Jake returns to Active Duty to top their beautiful new recruit Sawyer. Jake is now out of the Marines, and this straight veteran is happy and ready to get back into action. Jake tests Sawyer’s newly developed oral skills on his big package, which is as long as Sawyer’s face and fills his whole mouth, before returning the favour. When Jake tops him with his log o’death, Sawyer is overcome by the simultaneous pleasure and pain of the biggest rod he’s ever taken and cries out “Oh my God!” repeatedly. Jake pounds him furiously until both guys blow their creamy loads … Sawyer’s onto his own belly, and Jake’s, all over Sawyer’s arsehole!

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