English Lads: Jack Windsor and Jamie Walters

This is one of those shoots English Lads never thought would happen … young straight stud Jamie letting another guy manhandle him! Jack does a great job at showing how a massage should be done! Two straight lads enjoying a little bit of body contact and look at how hard Jamie is after he gets used to a guy touching that prized uncut cock of his … and Jack’s is out most of the shoot doing it usual trick of looking huge and hard too! Site members also get to see that Jamie even lets Jack show off his hairy hole and after all this attention he lies back and lets Jack pump him til he cums a fine mess over his body! Jack then lies back and eases the tension in his own balls!

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Czech Hunter: The Cute Guy On His Bike

Today the Czech Hunter cameraman found himself in the right historical centre of Prague. He’s been looking for a while, but eventually spotted Mr. Right on his bike … this guy was cute, young, very sporty and talkative. He took it as a joke and showed off his cock for a 1000 crowns, right there on the street. Naturally our cameraman wanted more, but it took some time to work out the right price … these straight lads can sure be expensive when it comes to giving up their anal cherry!

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Czech Hunter: The Straight Rollerblader In The Park

Today in a park the Czech Hunter cameraman had to take care not to get hit by one of those reckless rollerblading guys. Several of them were hot, and try tho he might, they just all went too fast to talk to … but eventually he spotted the perfect catch. A young guy with blond hair, well-built and – as he soon found out – working part-time in a call center as a sales agent. After a bit of chit-chat the cameraman managed to get the young guy to agree to compare their dicks. A few minutes and a few thousand Crowns later he had was sucking of the cameraman’s cock – he might be straight, but the lure of all that cash got him to agree to almost anything … but how far would he go? Would he allow our cameraman’s fat uncut cock to pop his cherry as well? Check out the images below to find out!

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Czech Hunter: The Twink At The Bank Auto-Teller

The Czech Hunter cameraman saw a young lad trying to withdraw money from ATM. He was having problems, the machine wouldn’t let him take any money out, so our cameraman knew he was on a winner! H went over and offered him some easy money to show off his cock, which he did … then he agreed to go back to a nearby hotel to earn some extra cash by sucking cock and getting his arsehole fucked and filled with a dildo!

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