Straight Fraternity: Alec and Clay

Alec and Clay just met for the first time here at Straight Fraternity, but they’re willing to get off together for the right price. They swap blow jobs and 69 before shooting their big loads on each other.

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FraternityX: Take That Dick Deep

The Frat Bros over at FraternityX don’t appreciate it when their frat pledges give half-hearted blow jobs. So when the pledges are told to suck dick, they expect them to do it … properly! Today they decided to give new straight lad Josh’s mouth a workout, and they made sure he went down deep on their dicks, and once his poor mouth was worn out, they just switched to his arsehole!

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The Casting Room: David Gets Fucked

David has gone on to make a number of hard-core videos, but the first sexual contact with another man this totally heterosexual guy ever had was here at The Casting Room. It’s a massive challenge for a cocky young straight lad to feel that first man-on-man touch. This is raw and real footage of nervous David sucking a dick and taking it up the butt for the very first time. It’s totally alien to him opening his mouth wide enough to fully take a cock in his tight puckered mouth so he almost retches. What he finds most difficult is how easy it is for him to grow an erection with Dave’s skillful sucking and manipulation of his cock. The look of trepidation and surprise on the face of this tough hetero is priceless!

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English Lads: Tyler Hirst Fucks Dan Broughton

Tyler turned up to this English Lads shoot brightly dressed and seemingly those red joggers and cocky marine attitude were a red rag to the bull for Dan! He rose to the challenge of dealing with a straight lad who was getting overly confident and set to with teaching him some cock sucking tips. Dan then gets his treat; this horny young man tried to pretend he doesn’t like getting fucked, but he just can’t seem to keep straight boy cocks out of his ass! Dan loves it, Tyler soon discovers his cock feel pretty good in his first boys ass too! He pumps it hard into Dan who unloads and Tyler pulls out and dumps all over Dan’s face, great mess!

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