SpunkWorthy: Tommy Fucks Scottie

It took some convincing to get straight lad Tommy to agree to fuck another dude for the first time. He was so resistant to it that the SpunkWorthy Producers almost gave up, but then they finally hit upon the right price, and he agreed. They really wanted him to top the bi-curious Scottie. A great combination: Tommy’s monster cock … seven inches long … six inches around. A beer can cock if there ever was one, and a perfect size for Scottie’s tight hole … check it out below!

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Southern Strokes: Wade and Tyler

Wade and Tyler are both from Southern Georgia and these two Southern Strokes studs both like to fuck around with girls … and guys. It’s said that they have fucked their way all over the South, but somehow they had never fucked each other! But that is all about to change today … check it out!

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SpunkWorthy: Randy: Gay Massage

“Let’s do it,” Randy said as he lay face down on the SpunkWorthy massage table, his hairy bubble butt already seducing the camera. He was about to get his first ever massage from another guy … and it would also have a “happy ending” too! Check it out …

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Active Duty: Robbie and Wayne

Robby was back at Active Duty to shoot another solo, but since he has the most amazing geysers for cum shots, but it actually turned into something more. When Robby was on his way into the studio he saw two other models leaving and it sparked in him an idea … which he put to the cameraman … “I was wondering if one of those guys would be willing to blow me,” Robby says. “As a matter of fact,” the cameraman says, “I did talk to one of the guys and I’ve got my buddy Wayne right here … and he’s willing to help you out. Sounds like a plan?” … “Awesome!” Robby replies. And away they go! You’ll love the messy ending too!

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