Southern Strokes: Ashton and Tyler

Tyler and Ashton dropped by the Southern Strokes lake house during the recent term break … and even before the cameras started to roll, both were hard and ready to go at it. It seems that they had both been working to hard at school and they needed to release some fluids … and some steam. Tyler pulled out Ashton’s cock and took it slowly into his wet mouth. Tyler worked Ashton’s shaft as his already hard cock continued to swell. Ashton returned the favour to Tyler giving him a wet sloppy blow job. Tyler’s fingers started to prime Ashton’s hole as he worked Tyler’s knob. Then Tyler wrapped up his cock and opened up Ashton’s hairy hole and slid it in as Ashton let out a loud moan … check it out below!

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Jake Cruise: Spencer Reed Serviced

You can tell how thrilled Jake Cruise was to have the chance to play with Spencer Reed! Who wouldn’t be? He’s every man’s dream stud. Not only is he incredibly sexy but the guy is as nice as he is hot. Jake almost didn’t know where to start but he heard Spencer’s cock calling his name and opened wide to swallow and suck, never wanting to stop!

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Drill My Hole: Paddy O’Brian and Dato Foland: The End: Flip Flop Fuck

Paddy O’Brian and Dato Foland star in the horniest end of the world thriller ever filmed for Drill My Hole! Both are famous tops … both made their bottoming debuts on … and are now they flip flop fuck together like there’s no tomorrow!

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Active Duty: Devon and Ransom: Crossing The Line

Active Duty recently found this video of Devon and Ransom in their vaults and released it for the first time this week on their re-designed site. One thing that they are known for is how they can slowly move their straight recruits across the gay/straight line, inch by inch, getting them more and more comfortable and ready for the next step. Sometimes this means baby steps and getting them to take that process slowly on several videos, as they agree to try more and more each time. Devon is one of their baby steps kinda guys. Devon is all smiles when the camera comes on when he’s introduced to Ransom, who by the way, is looking mighty delicious himself. Ransom has been spending some serious time in the gym and it’s paying off nicely. That body of his is so hot as he sits next to Devon, ready to attack. See for yourself how Devon crosses the line in this great oral scene!

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