Randy Blue: Austin Wolf Fucks Joe Clark

Austin Wolf and Joe Clark are two hot guys from the Randy Blue stable of porn stars. The guys are both straight, lying by the pool catching some California Sun. As Joe turns over, Austin gets a glimpse of his hot little bubble butt … and sometimes folks, that is all it takes! Enough of the sun, Austin wants to take Joe back to his place and fill him tight little straight lad butt with his dick! They get home and go straight for the bed. Joe is the first to suck cock.

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SpunkWorthy: Hugh: His First Gay Massage

Hugh was horny and looking for some extra cash. He’d gotten a few happy ending massages in his time, but always from a girl. When the SpunkWorthy cameraman asked him how he felt about getting one from a guy for the first time he simply replied … “I’m pretty comfortable with myself,” … “and I get to cum at the end, so …” and both thought to themselves … what the hell, let’s go for it!

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Broke Straight Boys: Dylan Sharp and Paul Canon

Dylan and Paul are paired up over at Broke Straight Boys today and this pairing was intentional … they’ve recruited “Headmaster Paul” to teach newbie Dylan how to go down on another dude! He doesn’t seem too put-off by the idea of sucking on a dick, but he’s still a little nervous about it! Once both lads are naked, Paul gives Dylan’s cock a bit of a suck first … to show him how things are done … the it’s Dylan’s turn … he works his way south and takes Paul’s thick prick in his mouth, working the sensitive tip and rubbing Paul’s throbbing shaft with his hand as he gets the hang of how to blow a dude. He goes nice and slow, trying to get that cock as deep down his throat as he can while he jerks him fast, then he sucks on his balls while Paul gets himself off and Dylan cleans up some of that hot cum with his mouth!

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English Lads: Ricky Hampton and Cameron Donald

Ricky is becoming increasingly naughty on camera, he is bouncing full of energy and confidence, but until now he didn’t want to do anything other than a solo for the English Lads cameras! Luckily for us, he’s recently changed his mind and today lets Cameron massage him … and for those naughty viewers who are also Site Members, you will be pleased to know that Cameron pays special attention to Ricky’s hole!

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