Lads Next Door: Ray Norris and Terry Ferguson

Scally chav lad Ray is back at Lads Next Door and this time he has brought his straight mate Terry along – and, as we all know, there’s nothing like two straight chav lads playing around with each other! Apparently Ray had told Terry they were filming straight porn to get him to agree to come along – then, when he got the surprise that it was just the pair of them, his reaction was priceless! You’ll just love watching them sucking on each other’s cocks, especially as Terry remains rock hard – then starts working the dildo into his mates butt hole, which makes Ray moan … what a double act!

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Gay Hoopla: Max Summerfield and Jeff Niels: Flip Fuck

Max Summerfield and Jeff Niels got along really well during their recent weekend getaway with Gay Hoopla. They were virtually inseparable, talking about their lives, cracking jokes, and comforting each other during their first gay sex scenes … ever! Jeff was a pro from the beginning … and he seemed to thoroughly enjoy pleasuring his new friend Max. Max on other hand had the jitters and was super nervous. After Jeff completely made him feel comfortable, and had gained Max’s trust, Max let Jeff spread those butt cheeks apart for the main event. Max said “I was nice to you, now you be nice to me.” … ah, ain’t love grand … and we get to see a flip flop fuck!

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Straight Fraternity: Warren and Bradley: The Send Off

With Warren headed out of state to a new job, the Straight Fraternity webmaster wants to make sure he gets a proper send off. He enlists the help of Bradley in hopes that he can get Warren to fuck another guy for the first time.

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SpunkWorthy: Cy: His First Gay Blow Job

When the SpunkWorthy cameraman asked Cy if he was down for a blow job … he was a little hesitant. Not because he was afraid of doing anything with a guy, but he admitted that it’s really hard for him to get off from bj’s. Naturally our resident cock-sucker took that as a challenge! Cy was ready to go by the time his shorts were peeled off of him, with a cock that was growing steadily as the sucking started. But it was when Cy’s legs were pushed up and a tongue went between his arse cheeks rimming him, followed by a finger entering his hairy hole, now that’s when the moaning really started! It was obviously the magic button had been pushed … because his cock started throbbing the more as his arsehole was being finger fucked!

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