The Casting Room: Tom and Dave

Who wouldn’t want to get hold of this Northern English fun bundle? Clearly at The Casting Room Dave wants to, as his eager cock springs forth after just a bit of kissing with this new lad. Tom is seemingly such an innocent lad. Tom, apparently, is besotted with his long term girlfriend and so the question is “why is he doing this?” Fortunately Dave questions Tom on this subject. He conducts an interview and gay-porn brainstorming workshop with Tom. When asked about all the action that should go into a good boy/boy scene Tom has all the answers and is well up for it. How come, then, he spends the rest of this audition looking totally embarrassed and uncomfortable? Whether or not he actually gets anything from having sex with a man … well, that’s for you to judge. But who among us doesn’t get a dirty thrill from watching him take a stiff cock up his arse for the first time, hesitantly lick another man’s arsehole and then crouch, glassy-eyed and mouth wide open, in order to taste hot fresh cum for the first time?

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Active Duty: Drew and Wes

Drew and Wes quickly shed the fabric and get down to the action in this scene from Active Duty. Their jockey shorts were soon down around their ankles and hands were stoking each other’s cocks. Then, as Wes bends over to blow Drew’s impressively thick shaft, he sticks his smooth arse teasingly out towards the camera, and if that’s not the sign of a bottom-in-waiting, you’ll never see a better one! The guys get into a 69 so both can blow their buddy at once, and then Drew climbs on top of Wes and pushes his big cock straight up Wes’s tight str8-lad’s poop-chute. The two go at it for a while until Drew can’t hold it in any longer and shoots a sizeable load all over Wes’s gorgeous round cheeks. Then he orally helps his new buddy shoot his own pent-up load!

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English Lads: Cameron Donald and Kevin Wilson

Straight, hairy and slim young pup Kevin is put through his paces at English Lads this week by the muscular straight stud Cameron … who helps and pushes Kevin into a half decent workout! Before you know it they are both naked and Site Members get to see Cameron as he puts Kevin across his knee and gives his bare butt a good spanking! Looking at Kevin’s cock he gets a little aroused; seems he likes a bit of discipline! The lads are soon messing with each other’s uncut cocks which are both rock-hard … then, amazingly, Kevin drops to his knees and tentatively he licks at the tip of Cameron’s erection … then decides it’s not so bad, and proceeds to give it a good blow job! Lots of wanking and sucking and bum showing later and the lads are unloading nice loads on their abs … and Kevin really explodes!

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Broke Straight Boys: Damien Kyle Fucks Tristan Stiles

The Broke Straight Boys cameraman asks … “Are you broke?” and the two fellows sitting on the studio bed, Damien Kyle and Tristan Stiles, both nod in the affirmative. “As usual,” Damien replies. And luckily for us too … as now we get to see them get naked, fondle each other’s cock, suck cock, fuck arse and spurt their straight boy cum everywhere!

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