English Lads: Chris Little and Kevin Wilson

Kevin is a handsome lad with a natural body who has been progressing fast on the English Lads site! He seems happy to experiment, and today the camera crew thought they’d take advantage of that! Chris is one of their cheekiest models, easy with a grin, and nice big uncut cock, and he now knows how to satisfy a guy! When Kevin agreed to get fucked for the first time, Chris was an obvious choice to put him at ease, and so the crew took them up to the roof on a warm day, and it was only moments until the guys stripped off! Members know that Chris is always hard almost instantly, and these guys were sword fighting before Chris goes down on Kevin, and Kevin then returns the favour. They both wank each other for a while, both rock solid, before Chris lubes up Kevin and slowly eases into him. Kevin manages to take it well, and when he cums it goes all over the place, including over Chris! Chris pays him back by shooting on him!

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Active Duty: Tim and Wayne: Raw Flip Fuck

The shredded Tim and sexy Wayne are paired up for the second time in this scene from Active Duty … but this time for a sizzling flip-flop fuck! You’ll all be awestruck by Tim’s body. His abs are like a cheese grater! The guys get down to business and soon enough, their packages are out, and the stroking has commenced. Wayne starts to suck on Tim, who sighs and moans in appreciation. A few minutes go by, and it’s Wayne’s turn to get a lickin’, as Tim leans over and takes Wayne into his mouth. Really though, the best part is the anal action. To see Wayne get pounded by Tim doggy style, and to see Tim’s absolutely ripped abs as he thrusts into Wayne, is a sight to behold. Then it’s revenge time, as it’s Tim’s turn to bottom. He grins and bears it through the initial pain of penetration … cool video to watch two straight dudes enjoying their mates and their bodies together!

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Czech Hunter: The Boy At The Zoo

Wonderful weather today. A perfect time to go to the Zoo. Of course the Czech Hunter guy is mostly interested in a very special species. Straight boys. And there are a lot of boys. The only difficult thing is to meet them alone. Because usually they go their with friends, with family or with their girlfriend. But after a few minutes he met somebody. He appeared to be open but a bit arrogant. As he refused to show anything for 2.000 crowns, so he increased the offer and asked him to show me his cock for 4.000 straight away … he did, plus much, much more!

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Gay Castings: Shannon

Shannon is a hot straight guy willing to go “gay for pay” to make some cash. He’s got a shaved head, muscular body, fat cut cock and a willing mouth and even more willing arsehole. Check it out and he gets fucked … and more … over at Gay Castings!

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