English Lads: Drew Daniels and Dan Broughton

Drew Daniels steps up a gear today and no-one at English Lads ever thought they’d ever see him do this! The lucky Dan Broughton gets to strip down Drew, and before long he has his hands all over the guy, especially in his pants, and is soon playing away like he has a new toy! Drew closes his eyes and then members will be able to see Dan as he licks the ends of Drew’s massive erect uncut cock! Drew can’t believe what is happening and just enjoys Dan giving great head and hoping none of his mates ever see this!

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English Lads: Michael Pumps JP’s Hole

Michael is new to doing porn, though he loves sex, and looking at him with JP today at English Lads he is very natural with a cheeky smile! The guys suck each other off, both lads are rock hard from the start and Michael is soon shoving his big cock up JP’s ass; he squeals a little to begin with but is soon riding up and down panting hard, hardly able to get his breath! No surprise as Michael doesn’t do it gently, he just shoves it in and pumps it hard! So JP’s hole gets a right good seeing to … hot!

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English Lads: Straight Model Josh Peters

Josh is at English Lads today for a massage. He stripped down to his boxers and jumped on the bed waiting for his stiff shoulders to be massaged, has abs are next and then his boxers come off and his butt cheeks are given a good workout. He rolls over and his shoulders abs and legs given some treatment, then Zack slips and dollops oil on Josh’s cock and Josh is happy to let Zack rub it in. A little gentle teasing and Zack’s hand is soon full of a growing Josh, whose uncut cock is soon throbbing hard as he lies back and enjoys getting wanked off by a guy for his first time … enjoy!

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English Lads: Jack Windsor and Dan Broughton

Today at English Lads we get to see straight and young blond lad Jack Windsor lie back and try something out that’s completely new to him … he gets slowly stripped down and felt up by resident gay star, Dan Broughton. Jack’s nervous laughs suggest he might be a tad outside of his comfort zone, yet he goes with the flow and sort of looks like he’s half enjoying all the attention! As Dan feels up Jack through his boxers you can see a very impressive bulge … Dan plays with Jack’s nipples, uncut cock and foreskin, and members even get to see his lightly fuzzed hole … hot!

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