English Lads: Naughty Straight Hunk Liam

Category : Dildo Action, English Lads

Liam has proved to be a very popular model on the English Lads site, as to be expected. Today he is back and was happy to push his boundaries at bit by probing his rear hole with a toy! As you can see from the photos he does more than just teases his hole!

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English Lads: Ben Thompson and Dan Broughton

Category : English Lads, First Time, Fondling Balls, Fondling Cocks, Massage

Straight blond footballer Ben finally gave in to the English Lads Producer’s requests and came along for a relaxing full body massage; he was a little nervous when Dan first starting touching his body and he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! Luckily he started to relax and when his boxers came off he let Dan spread those tight little cheeks and show off his hole surrounded by a light blond fuzz! Before he rolls over Site Member’s will see that a little more wanking of Ben’s cock, by both the lads, and Ben is soon unloading his cum in Dan’s hand! A straight lad who sort of enjoyed it, though was trying not to enjoy it too much!

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English Lads: Harry Long

Category : Dildo Action, English Lads, First Time, Fondling Cocks

Harry is a young straight man who has started to enjoy showing off his body. He wasn’t sure he was ready to do a shoot with anyone else just yet, so toys came into discussion with the English Lads camera crew! After a tentative start, Harry is soon naked and seemingly enjoying playing with the dildo that disappears right up him to the max. It can’t feel all that bad … perhaps it’s a nice mix of weird and pleasure that keeps his uncut cock nice and hard and Site Members really get to see that he does a great job at showing off how much fun a straight man can have playing with his hole for the first time!

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English Lads: Paddy O’Brien Gets a Blow Job

Category : Blow Job, English Lads, Fondling Cocks, Massage

Paddy is one of those models you don’t come across that often; today he lets English Lads push his boundaries way past where he originally thought he would ever go and just watch how much he enjoys it! Now who better to play the role of “let me do that sir” than Dan, who blindfolds Paddy jokingly playing “sexy Susie!” So it starts all slow and sensual, Dan decides to cover Paddy in white cream and rub it in playing particular attention to Paddy’s nipples! And no sooner is Paddy feeling safe in the hands of a masseur than those hands are in his boxers manhandling one big cock! That is the least of blindfolded Paddy’s troubles because Dan decided to lick Paddy’s cock and before Paddy has time to say “don’t fuckin’ do that” it is in Dan’s mouth and being deep throated; Paddy now short of breath uttering “you fucker” pulls out of Dan’s mouth and cums all over the place!

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