English Lads: Reece Fucks Justin and Sam

Category : English Lads, Fondling Cocks, Fucking, Kissing

In this shoot from English Lads, the two gay lads, Justin and Sam, are quick to explore the body of the straight PT Reece, who amazingly, doesn’t resist too hard … just look at how big the bulge in his boxers is! Some great sucking is soon followed by Justin sitting on Reece’s cock who rides it with gusto while sucking on Sam! Lots of switching around and a really great chain fuck where Sam and Justin switch round at playing “piggy in the middle” … enjoy!


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English Lads: Connell’s First Anal Play

Category : Arsehole View, Dildo Action, English Lads

English Lads biggest model, Connell, is a gentle giant, standing tall and very wide this muscular hunk packs a punch in his briefs and boy does his big uncut one get very hard very fast! Today he not only fingers his slightly hairy hole but he also tries shoving up a small purple dildo. Amazingly, he liked it, and it was quickly followed with the extra large double ender! Watching his face and listening to his moans there is a right mix of pain and pleasure as this horny lad pounds his str8 virgin asshole … hot!

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English Lads: Bailey and Andy

Category : English Lads, Side/Side Jerk

Straight mates Bailey and Andy are back with English Lads to further their gay-for-pay careers! They are going to push some boundaries here again today. The boys strip naked, except for a towel around their waists, and compare their muscular bodies. They get a bit nervous when the towels start to drop down as they get to see their best mates tackle for the first time … hard, and also let their mates see THEIR own tackle – boys do love to hate to compare their cock sizes! Before long they are both buck naked on the bed, side by side, showing off their butts to the world!

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English Lads: Jack Windsor and Sam Hansworth

Category : English Lads, First Time, Fondling Cocks, Fun & Games

Sam has been on one of these straight young men at English Lads who has been on a fast journey from straight to gay for pay; a boxer by trade, yet he looks so innocent when you see him alone, then a little encouragement and you see him with Jack and he has become quite the experimentalist! Site Members get to see Jack as he wanks Sam, and then he ends up on his knees gobbling down on Sam’s cock, giving him his first man blow-job. Jack does his usual great job and Sam gets so carried away he is soon wanking his first man and looking to really enjoy it. Both lads are rock hard through the shoot, do a great job at lending each other a hand and showing off their slightly hairy holes before they both lie back and unload almost simultaneously.

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