SpunkWorthy: Aden

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Aden called SpunkWorthy to let them know that he was going to be back in San Diego soon and asked about doing another shoot. They quickly agreed, but told him he had to be prepared for his first gay blow job. When he showed up, Aden was quieter than last time, but it was obvious that he was already naked under his gym shorts … and he was already getting hard, so it was clear that he was nervously excited about getting naked on camera again!

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ChaosMen: Dusty and Troi: Serviced

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After the first couple of uncomfortable minutes in his first duo scene for ChaosMen, WOW, straight lad Dusty sure does like getting his cock sucked and never once falters, even tho he’s with another guy! He likely would have sucked back, but the inside of his mouth was sore from the car accident the week before, and Troi has a cock that will stretch anyone’s mouth beyond capacity! Troi eventually gets him upright and clearly Troi has been paying attention to how to make a guy cum. He has the whole twisty hand motion going. Dusty also seems like he is pretty easy to make cum, but even still, Troi literally pulls the load out of him. Not bad for only his second serviced video! Way to go Troi!

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SpunkWorthy: Cliff: His First Gay Blow Job

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Cliff might be straight, but he certainly knows that guys can give much better blow jobs than many girls. So when the SpunkWorthy crew asked him to come in for a BJ scene, he was down for it! In fact, Cliff actually held off for a full day from his normal 3-times-a-day jerk-off schedule in anticipation! His dick was rock-hard from the get-go and his orgasm was intense!

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ChaosMen: Aries and Ricky

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These two hot straight guys start by doing some side-by-side cock stroking, not really paying much attention to the pussy flick playing in the background. ChaosMen are pretty sure Ricky has got some bi in him! But no-one knows where Aries stands on his primary sexual interests. Aries was enthralled with how long and fat Ricky’s cock was, and was on a mission to get it all into his mouth! Ricky also stepped up his game by not only sucking cock, but also eating Aries’s hot hole. It is awesome to see his amazing cock dangling between his open thighs while he got his arsehole tongued!

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