The Bro Network: Cam Crawford and Enzo Muller: Play My Song

Cam Crawford is an international DJ in town for a quick club gig when cutie Enzo Muller approaches the booth to play his song. Well, Enzo is willing to do whatever it takes to get his favourite track played, and a bit of talented tongue action has Cam slipping up during his set. After the crowd goes wild for all the wrong reasons Cam joins Enzo and the The Bro Network film crew after hours, so he can show him just how much of a fan he really is!

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The Bro Network: Allen King and Dante Colle

Friends and The Bro Network models Dante Colle and Allen King return home to their massive rental, giddy and wired following an incredible first night out in Barcelona. What better way to unwind than with a nice swim and a casual hang by the pool? As Europeans are wont to do, Allen shows off his gorgeous toned body dressed in a skimpy swimsuit, and Dante flashes his beefy body and toned round arse in a pair of trunks, that fit just right. Desire and curiosity soon lead to kissing, then they move inside for the main course!

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The Bro Network: Mateo Zagal: You Called For A Rubdown?

Mateo Zagal called the guy from The Bro Network at last minute for a massage and of course, he’s more than ready to give this new customer a nice relaxing rubdown. Mateo says he wants the full-body experience, with extra deep tissue bodywork, and his toned, hot, hairy body, begs for a happy ending to this session of muscular manipulation. Pounding is more than just a massage technique … but this isn’t your standard Shiatsu!

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The Bro Network: Cayden Clay and Edward Terrant: My Hot Neighbour

Edward Terrant and hot The Bro Network model Cayden Clay live in the same apartment building. And, Edward has a man crush on his hot neighbour, Cayden, but has never had the guts to say (or do) anything. After a few distinct but awkward moments between the two neighbours, where Edward misses the chance to make a move, he finally breaks the silence. Edward summons the nerve to “conveniently” forget his keys at work and gets invited over to Cayden’s apartment until his roommate gets home. While waiting inside the apartment, Cayden makes an effort to be a good (and hot) neighbour by offering his cock for a ride.

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