Boys Halfway House: Theo Brady: Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

This new generation of Boys Halfway House residents are something else. They don’t care enough to follow the rules, but they say they care when you confront them. This House Manager was dealing with this particular resident, and it was the same story. He told him that he needed a measure of good faith that he wouldn’t screw up again. The Manager knew he would screw up again, but he just wanted to get his dick wet, of course. The resident didn’t fight back much, and as a matter of fact he took the opportunity to get a nut himself. What gives? Ten years ago the residents didn’t like being cum dumps at all, and were just happy to have a place to crash. Nowadays, yoyos like this guy are content to be a jizz rag.

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Boys Halfway House: Danny Wilcox: Gaping For Growth

Danny Wilcox might look clean-cut, but don’t let his looks deceive you. He is a devious delinquent, and he really deserves everything that is coming to him. Let’s put it this way, he needs a lot of growth before he is ready to contribute to society in a positive, productive way. Fortunately, he’s tolerant of a lot of rough stuff, and the Boys Halfway House House Manager really had a great time stretching out both his vocal chords and his tight sphincter!

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Boys Halfway House: Max Carter and Pierce Paris: Put Out Or Get Out

The worst part about living in the Boys Halfway House is a lack of privacy – including privacy for the House Manager. So, when a resident intrudes on a Manager’s space, it better be for a damn good reason. This jackass didn’t have a good reason, and the Manager was pissed. Of course, like all good instructional sessions, this one ended up with the resident’s arsehole swollen.

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Boys Halfway House: Spikey Dee

Frankly, sometimes dealing with these residents is like arguing with toddlers. It’s pointless and almost always counterproductive. Take this resident, Spikey Dee, for example. He does as he pleases and takes no responsibility for his actions. His life is a mess, and he’s wound up at the Boys Halfway House because a judge didn’t deem him fit to recover in polite society. Talk about off the rails! At the age of 19, his life is one big derailment, and the size of this cleanup is going to be of superfund nature. What’s a House Manager to do? Well, getting this slim teen down on some fat cock is a good start. Once some humility and respect for authority is established, this one will calm down and shut up, following the rules like the rest of them.

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