Straight Fraternity: Chris and Dixon: That Hit The Spot

21yo Chris and 24yo Dixon are two well-hung straight guys looking to make some fast cash over with Straight Fraternity. Dixon easily goes with the flow, sucking cock for the first time and cumming twice on Chris’s leg. But when Chris has trouble producing his money shot, the cameraman steps in, inserts an experienced finger deep into Chris’s arsehole and milks a huge load out of his prostate! The look on Chris’s face afterwards is priceless!

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Straight Fraternity: Ty Tucker: Milked

The Straight Fraternity Pledgemaster catches Ty Tucker stroking his dick while watching str8 porn on his laptop and decides to take advantage of the situation. He sucks on Ty’s cock and balls before teasing his butt hole with his tongue. When Ty doesn’t fight it, the Pledgemaster lubes up his thick finger and slides it inside Ty, massaging his prostate, all the while milking of every last drop of cum out of his raging hard cock … the look on Ty’s face at the end is simply priceless … this is one straight guy who’s discovered the joys of anal pleasure!

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