Big Dicks at School: Cockporn

There’s something undeniably sexy about AJ Monroe, at least that’s what his roommate Ridge Michaels thinks. Ridge is studying hard for an upcoming Big Dicks at School test but AJ’s playfulness is making it hard to concentrate. In an attempt to get Ridge’s attention AJ offers him popcorn, but really it’s “cockporn” considering AJ has cut a hole in the bottom of the bag burying his dick in salt and butter. Ridge expecting to get a handful of popcorn gets a handful of salty cock. AJ ever so happy with his prank explains that he actually meant to offer Ridge “cockporn” but is dyslexic and said “popcorn”. Ridge isn’t buying AJ’s excuse and tells AJ that if he wants to get his dick sucked he just needs to ask …

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Big Dicks at School: Johnny Rapid and Urijah: Losing My Innocence: Part 2

Johnny Rapid tells the story of how he loses his virginity to the big and beefy Urijah. So the story goes … Urijah has been a school bully type – giving Johnny grief for a while now, but only because this hitherto straight guy had been hiding his deep attraction to Johnny. He finally has the balls to act on his fantasy and takes Johnny to his room where the fun truly begins … and the Big Dicks at School film crew were there to capture it all for us to enjoy!

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Big Dicks at School: Convincing The Coach

Devin Adams is a hot head athlete, arguably one of the best at his school, but he has anger issues. Devin has been kicked out of another game and his coach Matt Cole has had enough with losing his star player yet again. Matt confronts Devin in the Big Dicks at School locker-room about his attitude, but Devin isn’t listening, he’s only talking. Finally Matt explodes and pushes Devin into the lockers, Matt screams at Devin telling him that if he wants to be on this team he’s going to have to convince him. Devin has a sweet sweet plan to convince his coach … his hot, tight ass.

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