Straight Fraternity: Tony and Jax: Cum Eating Dare

Tony and Jax write down two dares for the other guy in this game of Truth or Dare at Straight Fraternity. For the first dare, Jax has to give Tony a hand-job to get him hard. Then Tony has to give Jax a nice long blow-job. Tony gets the favour returned, and then some, from Jax. It seems there isn’t a dare that Tony won’t do, so the cameraman plans something that will really push his limits. After some cock grinding and mutual stroking to work the guys up, Tony shoots a big load on Jax. The catch is that he is then make him lick it up. Finally, Tony receives a hot facial, which Jax is made to taste too!

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Straight Fraternity: Groping Jordan

Jordan is truly adorable. Great face, nice body, great cock and horny all the time! He’s definitely ready to get off. Jordan pulls off his pants to show that beautiful dick of his. Then he lubes it up and starts stroking. Then the Straight Fraternity cameraman has him kneel on the bed so he can start fucking the new fraternity toy … the cameraman’s hand! Jordan fucks that hand for a while, and we get to see some great footage of his hot arse pumping before things get more serious. The cameraman tells Jordan to put his arms back, and he start stroking his cock. Then he makes his move and starts to suck his dick, but he quickly says, “no, I don’t care for that” … but he sure doesn’t mind another guy stroking him until he cums.

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Straight Fraternity: Allen: Bound and Hazed

Allen is an easy-going, laid back straight lad who has no problem being blindfolded and tied up for a blowjob. Knowing he’s going to get hazed, Allen tells the Straight Fraternity webmaster about when he used to get tied up by his younger brothers, and that he actually liked it. Franco ties his feet and hands, blindfold him and get to stroking and sucking his thick dick. He continues jacking and deep-throating Allen’s meat, and the lad starts breathing heavy. He says he’s ready to cum, and in seconds, he shoots his thick load. Now for the real hazing! Franco keeps stroking Allen’s sensitive cock while he giggles and squirms. There’s no escape until he finally eases off, and Allen admits it’s the best blowjob he’s had in a long time!

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