Boys Halfway House: Hugh: Decisions Are Based On Value

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Hugh is only 19 years old and already has several tours of duty throughout the extensive correctional system under his belt. It’s a damn shame. What’s worse, the managers of the Boys Halfway House have found that Hugh has brought contraband into the house and he’s now gonna pay the penalty. Watch as this hitherto straight lad is forced to suck cock, then get his tight virgin arsehole pounded, before finally getting a hot cum facial!

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Debt Dandy: Cute Straight Twink In Debt Goes Gay For Pay

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It was a long ride for the Debt Dandy to get to today’s meeting. The lad he was visiting lived way out of Prague in a house in the outer suburbs House was big, but his room was super small. As usual, the young lad had debts … debts, debts, debts. How can someone get so far behind in his rent? Who cares? The cameraman played his counting the money act in front of the lad and before long the lad was willing to do whatever it took to get that cash! He might be straight … but today he’s going gay for pay!

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FraternityX: U Smoke It, U Suck It

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The FraternityX guys really hope Brad enjoyed that cigarette he pinched … cause once they found out they made fucking sure he earned it! All it takes is one cigarette to get his mouth and arse destroyed by four frat house bros and their rock-hard cocks … check it out!

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Boys Halfway House: Kip: Bareback Recovery Session

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The latest resident at the Boys Halfway House, Kip (aka Bobby), is a handsome guy in his early 20’s. He has played a ton of soccer in his life, so he is fit and limber. He also has a great attitude, and he gets along well with everyone. Unfortunately, Kip has a serious problem with drink, and it has caused a lot of trouble for him recently. He has a persistent issue, in particular, with sneaking in bottles and trying to hide them – in order to take a sip when no one is looking. After an initial reprimand that obviously didn’t work, the House Warden wanted to make sure that he got the message. As Kip was washing some dishes, he confronted him with his contraband. After some rather degrading treatment involving his booze and his throat, the Warden whipped out his own hard dick so that Kip would learn a quick lesson and would really understood what would be happening if he keeps it up. He had him jerk him off and blow it for a while. Even for a straight dude, Kip really was quite reluctant to wrap those lips around the fat shaft. No bother, he did it fairly well in the end, and the Warden was more interested in that sexy butt of his anyways. Placing him up on a stool, Kip was made grease up the cock and try to stick it in to his rear entrance by himself. This young man is a small guy anyways, but getting that fat cock into his tight butt-hole was like shoving a grapefruit through a sink drain. But once it was in, the Warden really enjoyed the feeling of his boy-pussy getting used to being fucked by this raw dick.

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