Straight Fraternity: Warren and Kae

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Straight guys Warren and Kae go gay-for-pay over at Straight Fraternity this week. They get to play the infamous Bowl of Tricks … and end up doing all manner of sexy stuff together, including spanking, kissing, rimming and sucking dick!

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My Straight Buddy: Trip and Kody: Drunk Naked Stepbrothers

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Trip is one of the sexiest guys the My Straight Buddy cameraman has ever met. His body is hot enough, but there’s something in the way he moves and talks that will just kill you. His step-brother Kody is also a marine and got posted to the same base. They’ve been brothers for about 4 years … seems Kody’s dad must have married Trip’s mum, and now these guys are super tight.

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My Straight Buddy: Mach Two

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The My Straight Buddy Webmaster invited his buddy Mach over for some hot tub time because he and a buddy had overdone their workout and he was sore as hell. One thing led to another, first a massage and then a jerk off session where he ended up using a fleshjack and cumming all over the cameraman!

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My Straight Buddy: 4 Naked Buddies: Pt 1

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These 3 naked buddies were having so much fun playing beer pong with the My Straight Buddy webmaster and cameras, that they invited a fourth buddy to come over and get naked with them, although they pranked him and didn’t tell him that’s what he would be doing until after he arrived! And wait ’til you see what happens in part 2 tomorrow …

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