New York Straight Men: Doug: The Emergency Blow Job

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Doug has had some big life changes recently … but his love for sex, especially oral sex, has not changed! Earlier today he had been out with his buddies playing touch football on this cool autumn day. He was tired, but horny, and he really needed to bust a nut … it was driving him crazy … but he wanted a lazy way to get off … and that would be letting a gay guy suck him off, so naturally he called New York Straight Men!

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New York Straight Men: Rocky

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Meet Rocky! He is a native of The Bronx. This Italian American has a few things going for him … one of which is his big, fat Italian cock! The other thing is that he hails from the same neighbourhood as New York Straight Men. The sight of Rocky’s cock didn’t scare resident cock sucker Sean … he simply unhinged his jaw and gave Rocky a professional blowjob. He sucked and slurped on the fat cock like a champ … and Rocky sure loved every minute of it.

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New York Straight Men: Otto

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Meet Otto! He is a Native New Yorker of Puerto Rican heritage. Otto, like most Latin guys, can’t resist a good blowjob … as long as it is on the down low … as his Latina girlfriend can never find out that he will take a blowjob off of just about anybody, as long as they are good. New York Straight Men cock sucker Sean, who is also a Native New Yorker, but of Irish heritage, was delighted to give this hot Puerto Rican guy the down low blowjob he was looking for. Otto started out watching pussy porn on his phone only to realize that Sean’s hot mouth really enhanced his experience more that he expected …

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New York Straight Men: Vinny The Barber Gets Blown

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Meet Vinny! He is an Italian-Cuban guy who hails from the Bronx. He is a native New Yorker who has taken over his father’s barbershop … and that was passed down from his father’s father … long tradition here! Vinny is very proud of his trade. He says his shop is one of the old fashioned kind complete with a barber pole and straight edge razor shaves. Vinny is very much on the down low, but as he loves to get head from whoever will give it to him, he’s always sniffing around for a hot mouth to service him. New York Straight Men resident cock-sucker Sean was quickly down on his knees to service Vinny, who certainly enjoyed the sloppy wet blowjob that Sean delivered.

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