English Lads: Bezza Fucks Dan

In this hot photo shoot from English Lads, Dan explores straight Bezza’s body, finds a hard cock, then finds another and before you know it Bezza has a cock in his hand and it’s not his own! Dan blows Bezza and does some fantastic foreskin play before sitting down and riding Bezza’s long and chunky uncut whopper! Bezza fucks Dan real good, so much so that Dan surprises us with a cum shot, unable to hold it back he lets rip and squirts his load all over the place; his punishment is taking Bezza’s load which he does in style; his face is covered when Bezza unloads, Dan takes a big load for the boys!

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FraternityX: U Smoke It, U Suck It

The FraternityX guys really hope Brad enjoyed that cigarette he pinched … cause once they found out they made fucking sure he earned it! All it takes is one cigarette to get his mouth and arse destroyed by four frat house bros and their rock-hard cocks … check it out!

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English Lads: Naughty Str8 Lad Chris

Chris is best summed up as a naughty straight lad who is just so horny he cant keep himself in his clothes and in this, his second English Lads shoot, he is supposed to be getting a massage … but he spends more time teasing the guy (Justin) giving him the massage! Justin does a great job and even such experienced hands are surprised by the naughty teasy-ness thrown at him by Chris! It all ends with Chris getting a right good fingering … you just gotta join to see this video!

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FraternityX: Back It Up Bitch

It sucks to be the newbie in the FraternityX frat house … quite literally! Both of newbie Nick’s holes are regretting the day he ever considered moving into the frat house after today’s throat-stuffing and arse pounding session! All the guys in the house have their way with him … both orally and anally!

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