Czech Hunter: The Cute Lad At The Supermarket

The Czech Hunter never leaves home without his trusty cam at his side. When he saw a cute lad in his local supermarket he couldn’t help himself … he just went up to the guy and explained him that he didn’t want to sell him something, he just wanted to offer him good money for a look at his cock! He was more than willing and showed it right away. But when he tried to talk him into a blow-job he was much more reluctant. Our cameraman really had to make a very good offer to get this straight lad to agree to follow him to the nearby toilets …

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SpunkWorthy: Ty: Gay Massage

Some of you may remember Ty from his first shoot. Ty still hasn’t told any of his friends he’s shooting gay porn with SpunkWorthy, which naturally makes this 20-year old straight Marine a little nervous. But shit, this guy hasn’t ever had a happy ending massage yet, from a woman or a man, so you might expect him to be a little uneasy for his first time doing it on camera … check it out … looks like he’s enjoying himself to me!

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Active Duty: Bryce and Dan 69

This Active Duty oral scene was filmed before Dan went on to do the hard stuff for them. It starts out with super-hung Bryce sporting a Superman t-shirt and Dan looking around somewhat nervously. Once Bryce hauls out his big meat (which is almost as big as a baby’s arm), Dan comments on how nice it looks. The guys start out by mutually jerking one another, which leads to blow jobs all around and then even some passionate kissing and sixty-nine-ing … plus, of course, two hot cum shots at the end!

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ChaosMen: Delaney: Edge

This is a long video, with some serious “Edging” of the hot red-head Delaney by ChaosMen model Ransom. There’s also some crazy RAW action, anal play, arsehole fingering and dildo action too! … or as Delaney himself said … “You can go in, if you want.”

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