Gay Hoopla: Colt McLaire and Tyler Hanson and Daniel Carter: Three Man Wrestling

This week Gay Hoopla have given in to some Member’s requests and have Colt Mclaire, Tyler Hanson and Daniel Carter dressed up in tight wrestling in singlets. These guys did some warm-up stretches, did some wrestling, then the guys started chatting away about an old crush which made them horny. They took their singlets partially off and jerked themselves off in her honour.

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SpunkWorthy: Colt: His First Gay Massage

Colt isn’t a stranger to happy-ending massages. During his time in Japan, he took part in one of the local specialties, the “soapy” massage, which he admitted was “Just alright.” But he’s never done anything sexually with another guy in the room, let alone have a male masseur, so when SpunkWorthy suggested a gay massage, he was a bit hesitant. But a few weeks later, and some minor financial issues, he rang to say he’d changed his mind and here he is … check it out, and very happy (cummy) ending too!

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SpunkWorthy: Hugh and Colt: Jerk Off Buddies

Colt was scheduled to come over to do a solo shoot at SpunkWorthy but an hour or so before that, though, Hugh stopped by to pick up some tax paperwork and, being an inexhaustibly horny guy, wanted to try out a newly-arrived sex toy. Enter Colt. Since they were both there, both horny, both willing to do a side-by-side jerk off and sex toy session everyone agreed it would be worth a shot … check it out below … it was a fun afternoon!

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Southern Strokes: Happy Endings (with Colt)

There is nothing like a nice rub down to relax hard-worked muscles after a hard weekend of fucking. Colt couldn’t wait to get undressed and jump on the table and get his entire body explored nice and up close for the Southern Strokes viewers. So they set up their cameras so that all the action was captured, and making sure that they got all of Colt’s hot body. Colt was just as hot and relaxed as ever as he lay naked on the table. At one point Colt even gets up on all fours and lets his hairy virgin ass to be fully inspected!

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