Czech Hunter: Two Twinks Are Better Than One

This week the Czech Hunter cameraman met up with a young lad he’d met previously, but today he’s with a friend. Naturally this guy knows what our cameraman wants, tho of course, his friend does not! Both guys are young, with shitty jobs, and in need of some extra cash, and some fast talking and a wad of cash was enough to get them to agree to get naked and suck cock … plus for a bit extra money, they also agreed to get fucked … bareback too!.

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Gay Hoopla: Cole Money and Ray Ban

These two best friends spend lots of time together. Ray Ban and Cole Money are inseparable and in a recent night-time web-cam show at Gay Hoopla they show why. After giving each other a hot sensual massage, they shared a mutual jerk. The best part about it though was the fact that they were having so much fun that they couldn’t stop giggling together. The grand finale came when Ray Ban blasted so hard, it hit his cheek. What a great update!

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Czech Hunter: The Straight Dude In The Hoodie

The weather is getting better these days and the other day the Czech Hunter cameraman was out on the street where he met up with a young dude … who, with his hoodie on, looked a bit dangerous! He had lots of complaints about his girlfriend and money issues, and before long he agreed to some off his soft uncut cock and butt cheeks for some fast cash … but how much further will this straight guy go to make a heap more fast cash … .check it out below!

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