SpunkWorthy: Preston: Gay Massage

It took two years for Preston to bare his beefy, hairy bod to the world, so the SpunkWorthy team weren’t expecting him to come back for a gay massage scene anytime soon. But surprises do happen and here he is … a bit nervous and, like most of the straight guys, unsure whether he could get off with the help from another guy. But luckily, he needed the cash and was willing to blur some of the sexual boundaries. Check out his first time being man-handled on a massage table!

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SpunkWorthy: Andy: His First Gay Massage

Andy took a few weeks before finally agreeing to do this happy-ending massage video at SpunkWorthy. This really is a bit of a leap for him, since he’d never done anything with a guy before. “Yeah, I’m pretty nervous about it,” he admitted, fidgeting a little while sitting on the massage table. But after getting started, as the masseur’s hands worked their way south from his back, pushing apart his legs, they were pleased to find his dick was already getting hard. A few passes across his butt cheeks and rubbing on his arsehole and it was looking like things were open for business!

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English Lads: Cameron Donald and Marc Bozzi

Marc was feeling a little experimental and more confident than in his last shoot at English Lads today, so he sort of takes charge and is the model giving the massage! He seems to enjoy massaging Cameron, getting a chance to check out his body and compare who has the biggest muscles! Before you know it, Site Members get to see that Marc is actually wanking Cameron’s cock and realising its actually quite a bit of fun to have a cock in both hands! After doing a great job on Cameron he is allowed to lie back and receive his first blow job from another man. Judging how hard his uncut cock gets … it’s pretty certain he isn’t minding the whole experience!

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SpunkWorthy: Avery: His First Gay Massage

Like a lot of the military dudes, Avery isn’t a stranger to happy-ending massages. He’d gotten a few while deployed overseas. But, of course, those were all from women, and this one today with SpunkWorthy would be his first experience doing anything with another guy. When Avery showed up or the shoot, he came across a little unsure or edgy, so everyone decided it would be best if they got to business pretty quickly. He’d mentioned that his legs were sore from his workout the day before which was the perfect excuse to spend some time rubbing them down, along with his muscular butt. The masseur wasn’t sure how he’d react to getting his hole rubbed, but judging by how his dick started swelling up from between his legs, he certainly seemed to like it!

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