SpunkWorthy: Nicholas Fucks Scottie

Drum roll please. The very first hardcore gay sex scene from SpunkWorthy has finally arrived, and they called on the big guns for this one. And by big guns, they mean Nicholas, of course. Anyone who has seen this straight stud before knows that he is 220 pounds of muscle, with a cock to match. He’s paired herewith Scottie, a bi-curious hottie with a perfect arse … they didn’t want Nicholas to be disappointed by his first experience fucking a dude!

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SpunkWorthy: Tommy Fucks Scottie

It took some convincing to get straight lad Tommy to agree to fuck another dude for the first time. He was so resistant to it that the SpunkWorthy Producers almost gave up, but then they finally hit upon the right price, and he agreed. They really wanted him to top the bi-curious Scottie. A great combination: Tommy’s monster cock … seven inches long … six inches around. A beer can cock if there ever was one, and a perfect size for Scottie’s tight hole … check it out below!

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My Straight Buddy: Nekkid Rednecks Jerking Off

After coming back to the My Straight Buddy house drunk from a bar, then getting into a game of drunk naked beer pong, and then horsing around naked in a hot tub for a few minutes, the guys were all soon horny as hell. Scottie, who came out as gay shortly before he got out of the Marines, was more than eager to find himself on a couch with 3 hot straight guys. His porn was the live version of what is about to be your porn. Nick is just Nick. He’s one of those awesome people that just wants to have a good time, and doesn’t care very much about the rules.

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