Gay Hoopla: Sebastian Hook FUCKS Tyler Hanson

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Before the sun even rose, before Sebastian Hook was even awake, Gay Hoopla model Tyler Hanson was all horned up. Everyone knows the best way to be woken up is with your cock in someone’s mouth. This is what Tyler wanted to do for Sebastian. Sebastian had no idea where he was when he first opened his eyes, but he knew he was feeling really good. As Tyler was sucking the chrome off Sebastian’s pipe, he wanted to face-fuck Sebastian next. Tyler straddled Sebastian while pulling down his underwear. He grabbed Sebastian by the head and fed him cock. Sebastian started to grab his ass as he puffed on Tyler’s cigar. Sebastian got fucked real good by Zane Penn last week and wanted to top Tyler for his first dominating scene. After all energized and awake, Sebastian slipped his big cock into Tyler’s box and he fucking drilled him. This is a super-hot scene that will have your sperm banks empty before completion.

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Gay Hoopla: Ryan Winter Fucks Sebastian Hook

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In this fantasy scene, Ryan Winter has just moved into his new condo downtown near his new office building. He had been moving stuff in all day and was just about totally beat come sun down. So Ryan went to lay down when he heard a knock at the door and heard someone come it … it was Gay Hoopla hottie Sebastian Hook who, without hesitation, walked his sweet little butt in like it was his own house. Ryan had no idea what the hell was going on … until Sebastian introduced himself as Ryan’s neighbour. Sebastian use to fuck his old neighbour and was sad to see him go, until he learned how sexy Ryan Winter was … Ryan won’t turn away a hot blow job, and Sebastian likes to get his butt fucked … see what they get up to below!

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Gay Hoopla: Sebastian Hook Gets FUCKED By Zane Penn

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The time has finally come. Sebastian Hook gets that beautifully, perfect, roundly-shaped butt drilled for the first time by Zane Penn. After stressed out from not being able to sleep and studying, Zane suggests a massage to put Sebastian at ease. Zane noticeably gets hard after being turned on the moment he touches Sebastian. They Kiss. Zane wanted a taste of that thick cock and dived right into it. Slurping away you could see Sebastian’s eyes roll back in pleasure. After returning the favour he asked if Zane could “give it to him”. This would be the part Sebastian loses his virginity. Zane asked if he was sure, and Sebastian said he couldn’t be more sure! Gay Hoopla filmed it all too … from the time that Zane began to run-through him, bending that arse over doggy style; down to the point when he began to pump Sebastian like it was a competition. But it wasn’t until Sebastian got on top that this scene will really blow you away. Sebastian riding a cock is a sign of the small things in life, and this is one that you must take a minute to thoroughly enjoy. He strokes his cock while his eyes roll back, gripping Zane’s balls and riding that bull like it was a local country bar. Both of these guys have amazing explosions. Sebastian’s happy to be with Zane’s uncut cock right inside him.

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Gay Hoopla: Derek Jones Fucks Sebastian Hook

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Sebastian is a very confident guy; he knows he’s got a cute face, tight arse and hot little muscled body to go with it. He’s hitch-hiked in the past and the guy that picked him up was a bit older than him, maybe 32, 6 feet tall, tan skin and pretty ripped … and although nothing ever happened, Sebastian still fantasizes about the day when he jerks off and think about what could have happened. And this week Gay Hoopla have made his fantasy a reality, as he gets picked up by the uber-hot Derek Jones, taken back to his place and then gets his tight little arsehole seriously fucked!

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