SpunkWorthy: Seth O’Malley: His First Gay Massage

When the SpunkWorthy producer first asked Seth about getting a happy-ending massage, this straight lad wasn’t too fired up about it … at first. He’d never done anything with a guy before and, even though the money sounded good, he wanted to “keep it straight.” But then his car broke down. Suddenly, that pile of cash was sounding very attractive! Check out what happens when he gets his first gay massage!

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Bait Buddies: Weird Scene: Seth Haas and Brenden Pierce

Actually, it’s not the scene that’s so weird, but it was a weird scene for one of this week’s straight guys, Seth. Bait Buddies know that, because he sure says ”It’s weird!” enough times. Yes, we get it – fucking around with another dude is weird for a straight guy. Weird or not, it seems that both guys have a pretty good time making this video. The crew pair porn newbie Seth with straight rocker dude Brenden, who did his first video for them recently. Brenden had called up looking for more work. He said that his girlfriend had seen his recent video and since then she has been experimenting on his butthole with her tongue, fingers, butt plugs and dildos! And, that with his hole stretched pretty good and liking the feeling, he was ready to bottom for the very first time. Little did he know that he’d be confronting a 6ft 4in tall straight basketball player with a thick 9 inch cock … let’s see what happens …

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