Blake Mason: David Johnson and Jace Tyler

Jace Tyler is more than ready to take on the immensely studly (and straight) David Johnson in this intense fuck session! And judging by that sly look on Jace’s face, the Blake Mason team are betting he’s quite satisfied with this pairing! BUT, they were more than a bit surprised when David was the first one with a cock in his mouth, after these two kissed and undressed. But, less surprisingly, Jace quickly had David on his back with his fat cock in his mouth! Jace works David’s cock with his wet mouth eagerly before the two of them get into a sixty-nine. Bottom-boy Jace is only satisfied with oral for a few minutes, though, before he’s sitting on David’s dick. David jacks his cock up into Jace’s ass and, like a true bottom, Jace doesn’t just take it, he loves it! As they switch to doggy, Jace stays hard the entire time as David fucks him on his knees and ends up forcing him flat against the bed. Jace ends up on his back with his legs over David’s shoulders, stroking his dick while the beefy blonde fucks his ass.

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Czech Hunter: The Cute Straight Lad and His Girlfriend

Today the Czech Hunter was in a small market square in town and noticed a real cute lad sitting and smoking at a nearby market bench. He went and sat down next to him and started to talk to him. He was quite open and stated that he was waiting for his girlfriend. Tough shit … another straight lad! Usually the cameraman would have said bye-bye, but today he decided to risk things and offer him money for a blow-job. He was immediately interested but didn’t know what to do about his girlfriend who was due back soon … Well, guess who had a good idea!

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Gay Hoopla: Jeremey Barker and Canelo Ment: Jeremy Barker Goes Where NO Man Has Gone Before … Up Canelo’s Butt

Gay Hoopla members have seen Canelo Ment hook up with guys before, but until now he didn’t want to suck dick and he didn’t want to bottom. But … at the start of this video, when Jeremy Barker flashed him that smile and said he REALLY wanted to fuck Canelo … Canelo just rolled over and took it like a man! This wasn’t just Canelo’s first-time sucking dick and bottoming, it was also Jeremy’s first-time having sex with another guy!

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