English Lads: Patrick West and Tyler Hirst

Category : English Lads, First Time, Fondling Cocks, Fun & Games, Horseplay, Showing Off

Patrick West is back for his second shoot with English Lads and even though he was slightly shy and a bit cautious, today we do see the naughty side of this young straight man! He and Tyler do some side-by-side muscle comparisons and it’s clear the hunky Royal Marine Tyler has been building even more muscle! Then Site Members will get to see that the lads are soon naked and Patrick’s uncut cock is in Tyler hand and it’s looking very stiff … as Patrick’s cock is super-fast to get erect! He enjoys Tyler wanking him, so decides to return the favour and pumps Tyler uncut cock … both lads have those rocket cocks that stick straight up! A little wanking later and Patrick gets a blow job from Tyler … he looks pretty happy and is only too happy to return the favour and suck Tyler’s uncut rocket in return!

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English Lads: Joey Barton and Chris Little

Category : Cock Fondling, English Lads, First Time, Fondling Balls, Fondling Cocks, Fun & Games, Kissing

Joey is back at English Lads for a real-life adventure and he is in for quite the trek today! Naughty Chris teases him about kissing, as he wasn’t keen to do it, but before you know it the lads were at it real passionate and from there on they didn’t need any direction!

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English Lads: Jack Windsor and Stewart Hammond

Category : Blow Job, English Lads, First Time, Fondling Cocks, Fucking

English Lads have their very own fireworks display here, as the very naughty young straight pup Jack Windsor steps out of his comfort zone and entertains us in his own spectacular way with the equally straight Stewart Hammond! No-one was expecting quite the hotness that happened … as both of these lads are not into kissing other guys, but that was just the beginning of what was such a natural journey where the lads suck each other, kiss each other and pleasure each other, by wanking each others rock-hard uncut cocks! After all this teasing, Members can also watch as Jack gives a demo of “how to put on a condom” and proceeds to ram his now safely sheathed cock deep into Stewart, who doesn’t have time to pull away, goes breathless, but is soon pushing back on Jack’s massive uncut 9 inch erect cock!

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English Lads: Joel Jenkins and Andrew Hayden and Aaron Janes

Category : Cock Fondling, English Lads, First Time, Massage, Naked Outdoors

It’s a scorching hot day in England; to date cheeky straight hunk Joel has been on quite a journey, but has resisted all attempts from the English Lads film crew to let a guy suck his cock … until today! So here he is, all sweaty and horny in the heat and he lets Andrew and Aaron suck his massive uncut cock. Site Members get to see that Joel is not just long … but thick too! He has one of those uncut cocks that just rises up and points straight up at the sky and today his cock seems even harder than usual.

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