SpunkWorthy: Tommy: Gay Massage

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Tommy showed up to the SpunkWorthy studios with a five o’clock shadow, looking fit and just a little bit dangerous. He seemed ready for his first gay massage from another dude. He’d gotten a happy ending from a girl before, but that time he paid for it and this time he was the one getting paid. Tommy seemed turned on by the idea of having a load stroked out of his cock and walking away with a big wad of cash for it.

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SpunkWorthy: Tommy Fucks Scottie

Category : Blow Job, First Time, Fucking, SpunkWorthy

It took some convincing to get straight lad Tommy to agree to fuck another dude for the first time. He was so resistant to it that the SpunkWorthy Producers almost gave up, but then they finally hit upon the right price, and he agreed. They really wanted him to top the bi-curious Scottie. A great combination: Tommy’s monster cock … seven inches long … six inches around. A beer can cock if there ever was one, and a perfect size for Scottie’s tight hole … check it out below!

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Southern Strokes: Blowing Tommy: With Tyler West and Damian Slater

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Recently Southern Strokes put straight new cummer Tommy in the middle of the room on a nice cushy Ottoman and stripped naked … so he had nowhere to escape to. Damian and Tyler joined him … they were both naked too, and the two lads proceeded to work Tommy over with their mouths. As you can see, it wasn’t long before young Tommy was rock hard and enjoying every second of it!

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Desperate Straight Guys: Mic Vargas and Josh Myers and Tommy Murdoc: Fucking Straight Boys

Category : Blow Job, Desperate Str8 Guys, First Time, Fondling Cocks, Jacking Off, Threesome

This scene from Desperate Straight Guys finds new comer Mic Vargas in an argument with his girl on the phone. Josh Myers and Tommy Murdoc happen to hear his struggle as they walk by and invite him back to their motel room for some relaxation. Once up there Mic soon realizes that their idea of relaxing involves hard cocks. At first he wonders if they are fucking with him, but soon receives a far better blow job than his girl could ever deliver. The dick sucking continues and leads into some of the hottest butt fucking you’ve ever witnessed. Josh rides Tommy like a horse before these guys take turns covering each other in cum!

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