New York Straight Men: Kevin The Mechanic

Meet Kevin! He is a 33 year old Motor Mechanic in the north Bronx. He is a tall guy, standing at 6ft 3in tall He has a lean athletic build, sandy blond hair and steel blue eyes! He is your classic Irish/Italian New Yorker. Kevin really loves cars almost as much as blowjobs! His wife does suck cock, but occasionally he does let a guy suck him off as long as they don’t except any reciprocation. He even tells a story of a guy who comes to the garage just to suck him off every once in a while. Kevin arrived at New York Straight Men after work one night during the week, with the grime of the garage still on him. He said it was the best way to end a super hot and sticky day in NYC. When Kevin took out his cock, everyone saw that it matched his height … BIG! Trey gave Kevin a great blowjob, sucking and slurping that big cock. Turns out that Kevin had a heavy load in his nuts because when Trey got him to the edge, a thick wad splattered everywhere!

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