Straight Fraternity: Four of the Brothers Get New Guy Robbie Off

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It’s 4 guys on 1 – Nikko, Spence, Dax and Garrett are at Straight Fraternity with a new guy named Robbie. They each pull tasks out of the job jar they have to do to get Robbie off. Between the 4 of them they have to work on Robbie’s cock, ass, balls and nipples. Dax got cock duty so he started getting Robbie hard. Garrett got his face into Robbie’s balls – with a push from Nikko. Everybody got busy while Robbie laid back and enjoyed the attention. Spence got down and played with Robbie’s ass while the guys held his legs up. As he was getting closer to shooting Nikko got down and started giving him head too. With all the guys working on him at once Robbie blew his load on his chest wondering what hit him …

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