SpunkWorthy: Tommy Fucks Scottie

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It took some convincing to get straight lad Tommy to agree to fuck another dude for the first time. He was so resistant to it that the SpunkWorthy Producers almost gave up, but then they finally hit upon the right price, and he agreed. They really wanted him to top the bi-curious Scottie. A great combination: Tommy’s monster cock … seven inches long … six inches around. A beer can cock if there ever was one, and a perfect size for Scottie’s tight hole … check it out below!

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SpunkWorthy: Randy: Gay Massage

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“Let’s do it,” Randy said as he lay face down on the SpunkWorthy massage table, his hairy bubble butt already seducing the camera. He was about to get his first ever massage from another guy … and it would also have a “happy ending” too! Check it out …

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SpunkWorthy: Cole: His First Gay Massage

Category : Anal Play, Arsehole View, Cum Shot, Fingering, First Time, Fondling Cocks, Hand Jobs, Massage, SpunkWorthy

As much as Cole enjoyed his porn debut last time he was at SpunkWorthy, everyone felt sure it would be his one and only appearance, as he was really worried that his GF would find out about the video and was consequently very hesitant about taking the next step in his porn progression. But with a couple of the other model (who are his friends in real life) he decides to take the chance and agreed to do this video … his first gay massage with a happy ending! Check it out!!

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SpunkWorthy: Nate’s Helping Hand

Category : Arsehole View, First Time, Fondling Balls, Fondling Cocks, Hand Jobs, SpunkWorthy

Straight lad Nate was on the fence when the SpunkWorthy Producer asked him about getting a hand job from a guy. He wasn’t too sure about it, as he’d told a bunch of his buddies about doing porn and wasn’t sure he wanted them finding him in any sort of gay shoot. But, eventually, enough cash was on the table to get him to agree! Nate had saved up a couple days load so he was extra horny when the cameras started rolling. And when the hand caresses started, Nate was already rock hard. Then, when his shorts came off and his shaft got lubed up, Nate shut his eyes and rolled his head back with a gasp, then glancing down at his cock being worked over with a look of amazement and disbelief on his face .. he was enjoying himself!

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