Gay Hoopla: Jeremey Barker and Canelo Ment: Jeremy Barker Goes Where NO Man Has Gone Before … Up Canelo’s Butt

Gay Hoopla members have seen Canelo Ment hook up with guys before, but until now he didn’t want to suck dick and he didn’t want to bottom. But … at the start of this video, when Jeremy Barker flashed him that smile and said he REALLY wanted to fuck Canelo … Canelo just rolled over and took it like a man! This wasn’t just Canelo’s first-time sucking dick and bottoming, it was also Jeremy’s first-time having sex with another guy!

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Sean Cody: Matty and Kyle

In this hot scene from Sean Cody Kyle is showing cute str8 newbie Matty the ropes, and Matty can’t wait to get his hands on the top’s big dick in the bedroom. He’s impressed as he pulls it out and sucks it, and Kyle has the bottom sit on his face before sitting on his dick. “Oh my god!” Matty moans as the top penetrates him from behind, and Kyle says, “Fuck, that feels good” as he holds the bottom’s legs back and drills him in missionary till Matty orgasms. Kyle’s not done yet, giving it to Matty in piledriver and then shooting a huge load on his hole!

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