Bait Buddies: In Like A Lion, Out Like A Lamb: Justin Cage and Cameron Kincade

‘In like a lion, out like a lamb’ normally refers to the change of seasons. However, in this video from Bait Buddies it’s describing the transition that took place with a rough, tough MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter named Justin Cage. Justin is a straight 38 year old hunk with muscles, tattoos and a matching tough attitude – like a lion. He’s here to do his first pussy porn video … or so he thinks, but of course the production team have other plans for him. Justin is paired up with Cameron Kincade. He also started out as a very straight dude many months ago when his girlfriend, a fan of the site, contacted the producers and asked if her boyfriend Cameron could have his first gay sex experience in one of their videos. Well, he did and he liked it. Now he’s back for more … and his time as the bait boy … see what happens when they meet!

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