English Lads: Joel Jenkins and Ryan Kent

Tall, built and muscular Joel Jenkins is back at English Lads and Brad, who was in the original photoshoot with him, has gone travelling, so today Joel is paired with hairy lad Ryan Kent for the video instead. The boys take it in turn to strip each other out of their clothes and as soon as they’re naked, they can’t resist to play with their soft cocks. Joel, true to his reputation, is rock hard in no time, while Ryan windmills his soft cock to a semi and gradually massages himself to an erection. Then Site Members get to see the boys sit down on the floor where Ryan uses his spare hand so that he’s now stroking two cocks and wanks himself and Joel’s massive one at the same time. Joel goes first to show off Ryan’s pert, tight bum in doggie style – a position footballers like Ryan always look good in! While Ryan is on all fours, Joel takes the opportunity to spank him, and he loves it! Ryan returns the favour and spreads Joel’s cheeks to show his lightly fuzzy hole whilst wanking his huge cock. After the boys are done muscle posing with their cocks both rock hard, they both stand up and have a cock fight, slamming their hard-ons together. Joel manages to keep an erection the whole time but it’s Ryan who wins the race to cum first, shooting his load over his hand, followed shortly by Joel who fires cum all over himself!

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