New York Straight Men: A Jock Called Scott

Meet Scott! He is a High School Phys Ed teacher and hopes to a football coach some day. Scott resides up in the Bronx where he lives with his girlfriend. This hairy blond jock has a sculpted body, a devilish grin and piercing baby blues! Scott told New York Straight Men that he wanted to get a blowjob and nut inside the guy’s mouth … naturally they told him ” No Problem! “. Scott took his place standing up as Paul took his place on his knees before him. As his shorts came off, a hard cock with a blond bush was waiting for Paul’s mouth. He got right to work sucking on the jock-cock. Scott was really verbal, talking him through it and moaning a lot! Then he decided to chill on the sofa while Paul finished him off and as promised Scott got to nut right into Paul’s mouth.

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