Bait Buddies: Eddie Cambio and Josh Long

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Eddie is straight, gorgeous and built like nobody’s business. Eddie dances for dudes at a famous Ft Lauderdale gay strip club on Florida’s gold coast. Eddie is 26 years old, all muscle, with a handsome and very masculine face, a bubble butt of death and a perfect 7 inch cock. The closest another dude has ever gotten to Eddie’s junk is when he lets them slip a twenty or more into the waistband of his thong – tip this prime beef a buck and you’ll get a thank you but that’s about it. Eddie tells us that he’s never even jacked off with a buddy, never did more than a solo jack off on video – it’s strictly pussy for him. That’s until he ran into Bait Buddies. No, they didn’t get him to suck cock or have all out gay sex, but they did break through his first man sex barrier with his fellow dancer and friend, Josh Long. Check them out below …

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